4 Different Colors Of The Heart Emoji And The Unique Meaning Of Each One

 4 Different Colors Of The Heart Emoji And The Unique Meaning Of Each One

Not too long ago, the meaning of the heart symbol signifies the undying love and feelings for someone. Now that emojis are a thing, we now have different colors to this symbol with different meanings. Truly, emojis changed and are continuing to change the way we communicate. The essential heart symbol now has different variations and implications to it.

You must know which heart color is what. You do not want to accidentally send the wrong heart color to the other end of the conversation. It is a must to avoid this confusion in texting, chat, or even posting on social media. But without a doubt, you will use these heart color emojis to the perfect situation it represents.

Is the difference in color and meaning significant? Will there be any difference among platforms on how they use these colors of the heart emoji? You should be able to learn and then distinguish the difference between these heart color emojis. Stick around to learn or know which heart color is what.

Blue Heart Emoji

Do you have a sort-of close friend? The blue heart emoji is perfect for the energies that you can find in shallow friendships. It has this distinct “bro energy” that radiates from its color. Now, this “bro energy” is not a gendered thing. It’s that the blue heart perfectly describes a shallow friendship.

You do not send the blue heart emoji to anyone you trust with your feelings and emotional baggage. The blue heart is perfect for those bros you only see once a month or that girl you keep putting off brunch with. It is ideal for the group chats wherein you want to play it safe and have nothing to add. It should be hard to use this play-it-safe heart color.

The blue heart also represents Autism Awareness. If you want to show your support for the movement, then, by all means, use the blue heart emoji, or a bunch of them, in your Autism Awareness post.

Red Heart Emoji

The red heart is the most original and classic implication of your romantic feelings towards someone. This heart color is also the most basic. Sending it to the one you are eyeing should be impressive. Maybe use this heart color emoji with the creative pick up lines on your head? You should be in for an exciting time by utilizing this heart color emoji on your passionate conversations.

However, if a partner you have been dating for years still sends you this emoji, they need to step up. After all those years, you may find this heart color emoji a little too dull and basic for your taste. Maybe they can be creative for once, but there are tons of heart emoji variations that they can use to be more passionate about their feelings.

You would want to avoid using this heart color emoji when you do not want to mix things up with a “friend.” Ideally, you do not send any potentially confusing signals that this heart color may bring up. Use it for any honeymoon phase with someone that you are surely interested in.

Green Heart Emoji

You may have seen the green heart emoji from the social media posts that brag about being active in nature conservation. A lot of friends that volunteer uses the green heart emoji a lot. So, you will see them again now that nature conservation awareness is at an all-time high. Why don’t you show your love for Mother Earth also by using this heart emoji color?

Despite the heart emoji being green, there are other meanings that do not involve any environmental context. The green heart emoji can also be ideal for new acquaintances. Maybe you have mutual friends from your varsity friends? Well, this is the perfect heart emoji color for those types of friendships.

Yellow Heart Emoji

The yellow heart emoji is the perfect emoji to represent and send to your family members. This yellow heart emoji radiates gentle energy that you can most certainly find from your close family members. It is also suitable for friendships or even a romantic relationship that is moving into a friendship aspect. 

The yellow heart emoji makes its trendy appearance around holidays that involve family. So, you now have a heart emoji color to use when Mother’s day, your grandma’s birthday, or other family and friends’ holidays arrive. Show your appreciation to these figures by posting all about them on social media together with a bunch of yellow heart emojis.

The yellow heart emoji is also ideal for those new relationships that you want to show affection without any implications. Consider this heart emoji color as the best one to use family and friends. This heart emoji color should be the least ideal to use towards anyone you have seen naked or would like to see naked.


There are a lot of colors among heart emojis. Each one represents a distinct idea, feeling, and situation. You should use these heart color emojis in the right circumstances. Now that you know what these emojis mean, you should be less likely to misuse them in a future conversation.

Heart emoji colors are more than the heart symbol rocking your favorite color. Some implications and ideas arise from their hue. You should be able to use each heart color on its powerful side and avoid using it in the wrong context.

Clare Louise