Top 10 Most Used Emojis Of 2020

 Top 10 Most Used Emojis Of 2020

Emojis play such a fascinating part in how we connect digitally. From sending messages, posting, captions, etc. Emojis bring life to a plain text and help you express what you feel or what you are currently doing. On social media, a lot of people use emojis on their statuses. In this article, you will know ten of the most used emojis of the year 2020 for social media. 

The Pleading Face Emoji 

This pleading emoji just came out recently, and a lot of people enjoyed using it. This emoji shows a face that has sparkly and wide eyes. Used for asking or favors, forgiveness, or want to act cute like a puppy. An emoji that is said to be in the form of begging. The puppy eyes can let others hear you out. This emoji is now popular among younger generations.

The Emoji Face With The Rolling Eyes

The rolling eyes face expressing annoyance, disdain, impatience, disbelief, boredom, sarcasm, irony, and a lot more. This emoji depends on how you use it in a sentence. But most people on the internet use this when they feel annoyed, or they don’t believe someone’s story. You can use this and send it to your partner in life if you are arguing.

The Face Of Distraught

This face has its eyes closed, and the eyebrows furrowed. An open frown is a sign of being too tired or troubled. Sometimes this will imply the feeling of almost giving up on life. Females often used this troubled face in the year 2019. This facial expression was included on the top list of the most used emojis last year.

The Thinking Face With Hand Under The Chin

This emoji is self-explanatory, but what this indicates is people that are always curious about things or going through a lot of things that require thinking. Some people send this when they ponder about life or instances. People use this sometimes if they want to catch someone who is telling lies.

The Orange Flame Fire Emoji

This emoji implies an actual realistic fire. If people use this with the word “help,” this would be alarming since there is a real fire. But if it is used on social media photos when they are celebrating, this means they are having fun. Having so much fun can imply being too hot or lit. “Lit” is a slang word that is popular know. 

 The Smiling Face With The Smiling Eyes

This emoji imposes a fuzzy warm feeling. This smiling face with smiling eyes can be a sign of comfort, joy, and happiness. When you feel so relaxed and free from stress, you can use this emoji, and people will understand that you are feeling at ease.

The Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes

An emoji mostly used for couples when texting each other. This emoji gave off a joyful vibe and became a staple emoji expressing true feelings of admiration, Love, infatuation, happiness, and more. When you love someone so much that when you see them, your eyes glimmer out of excitement, this emoji is somehow like that.   

The Laughing Emoji That Is Rolling On The Floor

This laughing emoji is equal to the phrase “laughing out loud” or “LMAO.” This emoji is sent to instances or situations wherein you burst out of laughter. Hilarious experiences can be shared, and people can react to it using this emoji. You can send this to your friends or comment on something funny on social media.

The Big Red Heart 

A heart emoji has a variety of colors. This red heart is a symbol of Love, devotion, like, lust, flirt, and a lot more that revolves around being in a relationship. Forming relationships does not revolve for couples only; this includes family, friends, etc. If you want people to feel loved, then sending them this big red heart can make their day and make them feel appreciated.

Showing affection through emojis is never a bad idea. Whenever you send messages to people close to you, it is helpful to insert a heart on your messages. There are many hearts to choose from, but once you receive or send a red heart emoji, it could mean something more than just a love emoji. 

The Loudly Crying Face Or The Tears Of Joy Face

This emoji has double meanings in it. Seeing an emoji with an open mouth and tears that are heavily flowing is alarming when you know the person you are talking to is going through tough times. 

Besides seeing it as a sad and crying emoji, you can use it if you are overjoyed. When you laugh at hilarious moments, and you tend to tear up, this is the same to it. A non-stop story with laughter can express that you are overwhelmed with joy. 


For the year 2020, these emojis have included in the list of most used emojis. A lot frequently used these emojis listed. Emojis can add spice to a conversation and draw people’s attention when you insert it on your posts. We included the expression they are implying because most of you might not know the meanings behind each of them.

Clare Louise