How To Get Real Results While Employee Productivity Tracking

 How To Get Real Results While Employee Productivity Tracking

 Employee productivity tracking is now being followed in most organization with help of hardware and software. Hardware tracking involves digital real time tracking with help of video cameras and digital externally placed monitoring devices. These are seen in large malls, establishments and public places where tracking of all activities are carried out with everyone’s knowledge.

When it comes to screen monitoring of activities it generally relates to real time screen shots and videos that an employer tracks about each staff so as to determine their actual productivity. It is not surprising that in a competitive world of today employee productivity is of utmost importance as most things from data storage to recording and purchase to sales are done with help of computers.

Getting Real Time Results about Employees

There are ways to get real time results on employees especially when they are working before their computer screen. In the first place it is easy with software installation such that all types of real time activities are tracked without least hassles. And whole tracking is done with or without employee’s knowledge from a single screen set remotely for the purpose.

Employer and vendor have to make a mutual agreement and employer pays for the service through monthly or yearly subscription. Usually, reliable company monitoring application software has all necessary inputs to screen employees working from far off remote places.

Activities Monitored

Employers use information so that based on feedbacks they can plan future activities of business. In first place, they can determine as to which employees are honest and hard working and those that are not based on real time activities on screen.

It isn’t easy to trick employer simply by showing that they are busy. Each of employee’s internet activities are tracked and emails received and sent and if there are any attachments are monitored. In fact, employees are also tracked as to hours spent for tasks, meals and off time.

Employer instantly knows whether employees are involved in petty workplace politics, engaging in prohibited activities or deliberately trying to leak sensitive data to outsiders. A boss knows whether employees are complying with federal regulations about internet activities on child porn and other banned activities.

Employees that are marked for their productivity are promoted and given incentives and right team work is appreciated. Above all by tracking employee activities in real time businesses may easily detect insider threats and unwanted elements that are threat to security of data and overall productivity of business.

Roxanne Reyes