Why Pursue A Career In MBA?

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The prevalent question among graduates, especially those who don’t get campus placement, is always “What Now?”. There are a large number of companies in India providing jobs to freshers but there are still a larger number of freshers than there are jobs. So, how does a company choose between candidate X and candidate y? It’s mostly on the basis of their educational qualifications. Among the large number of post-graduate courses available in various institutions, MBA, i.e., Master of Business Administration has emerged as the most demanded course worldwide. In India, IIMs, various private and government universities and private institutes like KGI Bangalore provide MBA to aspiring students.

Here are some reasons for you to choose an MBA as your master’s degree:

  • Complete Overhaul: An MBA course provides a complete personality overhaul. It helps develop better interpersonal skills and presentation skills. It imparts in candidates confidence that would otherwise take a long time to develop. This positive change in personality leads to a high confidence level in the students which is a necessity to excel in corporate life. Only a confident manager can instill confidence in his/her subordinates and an MBA helps develop that trait.
  • Wide variety of jobs: If, for example, you are a Mechanical Engineer, you can get a job in any engineering firm only and not in a financial firm. Taking KGI admissions in its MBA course, or in any good B-School as a matter of fact, makes your job-ready for roles in a wide variety of firms. Your background doesn’t matter much once you get an MBA degree.
  • Better growth opportunities: Many higher management positions have an MBA degree as a prerequisite. A chance to get promoted, even at even lower positions, increases with a degree in management. The fees of various MBA institutions are high while for some is moderate like KGI Bangalore fee structure. Paying such a fee is a small price to pay for getting such growth opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurial skills: An MBA degree teaches you how to take care of marketing, finance, and human resources. These skills come in handy if you start your own business.
  • Contacts: During the degree, you build a large number of contacts with like-minded peers, faculty, and alumni. This goes a long way in taking your career to new In business, knowledge is growing because many times it doesn’t matter who you are, but who you know, that is required.
  • Switching: If you don’t like the work you do but your skillset makes you fit for that kind of work only, or you want to switch to another vertical in the same firm that you work for, an MBA degree arms you with skills to do so in a hassle-free manner.
  • Better remuneration: Why does a person go for a higher degree? To get a better job. What does a better job offer? Better salary. By doing an MBA no matter what fee you paid for the course, like the KGI Bangalore fee structure, the return on investment is usually pretty good. You are paid a better salary than your non-MBA peers.
  • Creativity: An MBA degree forces you to think out of the box to find better solutions to the problem at hand. This is a very demanded trait for a manager that you can develop at an early stage while doing your MBA.
  • Steeper career graph: If you have an MBA degree, you can get a job and/or promotion that otherwise would require you to have a certain amount of experience. With an MBA degree, you can skip these rungs of career to reach the top faster.
  • Better financial management: After an MBA, you have better skills and knowledge to plan even your day to day finances in a better fashion than others. You can make better investments and manage your money better to succeed in life.

If these reasons aren’t enough to pursue you to join MBA, then go on with whatever you are doing. However, if you want to have better career prospects, better growth opportunities, a winning attitude, a charming personality, better communication, and interpersonal skills, and all of that along with a master’s degree, nothing can serve you better than doing an MBA degree from a reputed college.

Clare Louise