Safety measurement for retail establishment after circuit breaker period in Singapore

 Safety measurement for retail establishment after circuit breaker period in Singapore

In Singapore the number of COVID 19 cases has started to decline gradually and with that it becomes essential for the Singapore government to slowly resume the economic activities. But the government also needs to prevent the re-emergence of community case of COVOD 19 and as such it becomes very essential to put Singapore Safe Management Measures in place. With the latest advisory the government of Singapore and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) has taken some effective safety measure that all retail establishments have to follow while resuming their operation in Singapore.

What safety measures will be taken after resuming the operation of retail establishment?

The activities which will be resumed on the on-site operation of retail establishment in Singapore are:

  • All retail establishments including malls, supermarket and standalone shops will remain open but the owner of the retail establishment needs to maintain social distancing and cleanliness. As such it is mandatory for all such retail outlets to place shop or alcohol based hand sanitizers in the close proximity such as at the doors so that the customer can easily sanitize their hands before entering the retail outlets.  Apart from that every retailer should ensure that everybody are wearing must and maintaining physical distancing.  
  • All malls, supermarkets and standalone shops should also conduct temperature screening at their entrance so that it becomes possible to detect the customer with fever. Apart from that it is also necessary for these retail establishment to clearly demark queue lines at the entrance or lifts or cashier counters or wherever required. 
  • All the retail establishments must limit the number of their staffs within their retail premises and all the delivery personnel of the retail outlet must ensure one-meter space all the time so that no customer can cluster together at any place.  Apart from that, the retailers should encourage self-checkouts and cashless payment so that the cases of contact between the retailers and the customers can be reduced.
  • All retail establishments should ensure regular cleaning and disinfecting the common places that are highly accessed by customers such as toilets and bin areas.    



Paul Petersen