What are the different types of promotional pens?

 What are the different types of promotional pens?

Gifting a promotional pen is an excellent way to make a lasting and impressive first impression on prospects. Despite of technology taking a lead in this digital world, pens are still an integral part of our lives. It’s an essential tool that many people use and appreciate. Selecting the right style option for your promotional pens can be hard. With so many different varieties of labels and types and, picking the right branded pen is actually difficult than it looks. You need to decide on the color option, type of ink and point size rather than randomly selecting something to note down things.  You need to consider various factors and characteristics, depending on individual’s needs and writing style that enhances overall writing experience. Here are some pen types to consider for your brand’s promotional gifts.

Gel pen 

Combining the characteristics of roller ball and ballpoints, the gel pens use water-based gel ink to maintain the consistency between both types. There is a less chance of ink getting smudged, offering the performance and comfort of ballpoint and roller-ball pens.  If you’re looking for smooth writing and to make a bold statement for your brand, gel pens are a great choice. 

Stylus pens 

It’s time to make your brand sleek and sophisticated with stylus pens. These are two-in-one pens, where one part works like a traditional pen, while other part has a stylus round rubber that works on touch screen devices.  Highlighting, tapping, selecting, and scrolling are made easier with stylus pens. Customise it with your company logo to promote your brand and increase visibility. The practical promotional pens come in a wide selection of sizes, materials, color, and price points that makes writing on paper and navigation on screen easier. 

Ballpoint pen 

One of the most popular promotional items, ballpoint pens uses an oil-based ink that last for a long time. It uses less and thick ink that makes it dries faster than other types of pens. If you’re looking for a simple, reliable pen for everyday use, ballpoint pens could be your ideal match. 

Roller ball pen

Uses the same design concept as ballpoint pen, except ink type, roller-ball pen uses water-based ink. You can find them in variety of styles and options to brand your giveaways and events.

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