Importance of participating in the grand Indian Fintech festival

 Importance of participating in the grand Indian Fintech festival

It is a well-known fact that India is the most dynamic market across the world. This largest democracy is otherwise known as the wealthiest place for tech talents. As the quickly growing economy, India now appears like a home to a source of innovative and frugal science as well as a rich heritage of civilizations/cultures. Everything makes India as the biggest inspiration to the entire world in different ways. When it comes to the Indian FinTech industry, it is always instrumental in catalyzing a whole creative ecosystem for solving real issues. It also aims to make some meaningful impacts and embrace the variety of challenges and needs throughout the subcontinent.

Major objectives of Fintech Festival India

Indian fintech festival now brings together every aspect of leadership in overall innovation. Maharashtra will plan to host this IFF) in March 2020. It is dedicated to showcasing tons of opportunities available in this industry. Along with this, it is going to discuss various challenges and provide perfect solutions. Both FCC (FinTech Convergence Council) and MFH (Mumbai Fintech Hub) will organize this festival collaboratively. It is powered by NITI AAYOG, World Bank, and Invest India. This festival will include the advisory board with some distinguished personalities such as FinTech Officer, Suniti Nanda, and Government of Maharashtra. IFF will share the passion and objective of the collaboration between every stakeholder FinTech ecosystem. It also strengthens the critical pillar to boost the sector, which are worldwide market research access as well as access to the FinTech ready talent pool.

Who will attend this festival?

The participants can get an opportunity to experience the best-in-class exhibits of more than a hundred platforms and products through corporate booths, startup pods, and country pavilions. It will be successfully represented by the world’s biggest technology giants, innovative startups, leading consulting companies, FinTech business, and multinational corporations. It is significant to know that the Indian fintech businesses are gaining more attention because they assist BFSI firms to stay on top. The report of Indian Fintech shows that India is currently the second-largest fintech hub of the world, with more than two thousand startups running in this industry. All of these efforts are taken to make India FinTech a great story, which inspires the worldwide innovation ecosystem. Here is the list of attendees as follow:

  • Wannapreneurs
  • Government officials
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Technopreneurs
  • Decision-makers
  • Socialpreneurs
  • Corporates
  • Support service providers
  • Both Startups and SMEs

Key merits of Fintech Fest India

Indian fintech festival will bring people a massive exposure to an endless number of audiences to developing, expanding, and also aspiring key holders and startups. They are involved in the Indian startup ecosystem. Another important thing about this event is that it will bring business structuring advisory, participant’s mentorship, operational support, fundraising, proposition support, market access, and much more. It is pleasing news for everyone that it brings you an excellent chance to get access to an extensive network of valuable relationships with various platforms. It includes international trade associations, regional government-based agencies, and much more. This festival will bring together every leadership facet in innovation. It leads to considerable economic growth at scale.

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