The Do’s and Don’t About of Corporate Gifting

 The Do’s and Don’t About of Corporate Gifting

[Copy] Corporate gifts have been around for many years and they are regarded as valuable items often given by an employer to clients and guests. Today, more employers give employees these gifts without a single obligation but as a token of their appreciation or goodwill. There are businesses that regulate, through a company policy, on how gifting employees should be.

As we’re in the last half of the year, and a difficult year it has been, we’ve thought highlight a few gifting ideas.

Sure, a couple of years ago, the list of corporate gifts worked, however, things have changed.  Today, however, there are a few changes that you need to adapt to for the perfect corporate gifting strategy, especially for your employees. For just one moment, let’s forget about corporate gifts. Your wardrobe is probably filled with clothes you’re never going to wear again. That’s probably because they are out of fashion and outdated.

This is no different with corporate gifts. It’s time employer’s move away from giving labelled gifts because you’re promoting your company. It’s time to move from “Eh” responses, “Wow” moments.

Before we get into it, let’s look at some rules you need to stick by.

The basic, a little thought goes a long way! What’s more, the art of giving recognition at work!

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Corporate Gift Giving

Do’s #1: Personalise Your Gifts

There’s just something special about what a personalised gift for the receiver, and it speaks more about the gift-giver – it creates a lasting impression and an impact in the mind of the receiver. It creates a connection and celebrates the bond between the two. And you know what the great thing is about personalised gifts? They are never impersonal, and they’ll never end up in the trash.

Don’t #2: Avoid Adding Promotions

Corporate gifts to employees are mostly about thanking them and offering a genuine gesture of care. Don’t make it a promotional act, they aren’t your clients.

Creating and planning a meaningful corporate gift doesn’t mean that you have to flash your branding on the gift. Place a small company logo, hidden somewhere, if you have to, that shouldn’t be much of an issue – but it would be best if you stayed away from making the gift a marketing piece.

Don’t #3: Never Compromise on Quality

So, now you’ve started your corporate gift planning, the next thing you need to do is plan your budget. A good budget is great, but even without one, you can still get a great option without breaking the bank.

It’s important to give the best corporate gift regardless of your budget. Compromising on quality is a no-no! Whatever you’re planning as a gift to your employees needs to have a direct impact on your company’s reputation too. You’d never compromise on the quality of your brand, so why do that with your corporate gifts? Spend wisely, but don’t be cheap!

Do’s #4: Always Be Appropriate

Personal gifts are very different from corporate gifts. There are guidelines to follow with each gift giving. You want to have them customised and to be as unique as possible, but they have to be appropriate for each occasion.

Try avoiding being too funny, too casual or too personal with each gift because you don’t know everything about your employees, and you’re definitely not that familiar with them. Your gift giving experience can take a bad turn if you get it wrong.

Also, please make sure that your gift isn’t or seen as a bribe. Be thoughtful and genuine about what you give and when you give them out. Try by all means to use your judgement, especially when faced with a dilemma. Think about what impression your gift giving will mean to the person you’re gifting and then act accordingly.

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Clare Louise