Look for the Best Ebay Sales Boost: What You Can Do

 Look for the Best Ebay Sales Boost: What You Can Do

Are you looking for some simple tips that could increase your store’s sales? Read carefully these points where it is about the importance of obtaining the trust of Internet users and the factors that influence their purchasing decision.

Bet on customer reviews

Informing potential buyers of your customers’ satisfaction can only have a positive impact on their buying behavior.

Have past customers posted positive reviews of your products or services? Put them forward! It can be a great tool to get potential buyers to trust you.

Take a screenshot of the comment and insert it like an image in a strategic place in your store (the header or footer can be good choices, among other things). Also, be sure to make the image clickable to direct viewers to other reviews for that product. In case of eBay sales slow you need to do this one as well as the followings.

Reassure your customers

To make a purchase from your store, people need to trust your business and feel that their personal information is safe. Here are some tips to follow to establish such a relationship of trust with Internet users:

Clearly indicate your contact details. Ideally, your address, phone number (customer service) and email address should be at the top of all pages in your store. Also remember to put a contact form in the “Contact us” section of your site.

Don’t overlook the relevance of an “About” page. This page tells your story, describes your activities, gives your key figures, in short it allows Internet users to find out more about you.

A necessity from a legal point of view: post your terms and conditions, your privacy policy and your refund, return and cancellation policy on your store.

  • Terms and conditions of your store
  • Privacy policy of your store
  • Refund, return and cancellation policy of your store

A Frequently Asked Questions page can give Internet users confidence by allowing them to find answers to their questions without having to contact your customer service.

While this information can be found in your refund, return, and cancellation policy, remember to highlight items such as “Money Back Guarantee”, “Free Returns” and “48 Hour Delivery” on your store.

Last but not least: assure the customer that their personal data will not be used other than by you and that it will be used in a respectful manner.

Psychology of the consumer in his purchasing decision

Site experience

  • Several factors influence consumers in their purchasing decision. But before they go to purchase, they still need to stay on your online store for a long time.
  • To this end, the speed of a site is taken into account in the Internet user’s decision to stay on a site.
  • Make sure your pages don’t take too long to download (they shouldn’t have too many heavy images) And that your site is easy to navigate. There are just tools to assess the loading speed of your website.
  • With Google Page Speed ​​Insight, all you need to do is enter your site URL and hit the analyze button to receive a score out of 10 for speed, a score out of 100 for user experience, and tips to improve your scores.
  • We even offer you different recommendations for the mobile and PC version of your site.

Analyze site speed

More info on Google Page Speed ​​Insight

Have a “responsive design” site so that the browsing experience is interesting regardless of the device used (phone, tablet or computer). Also avoid lining your site with advertisements; rather prefer a clean and organized look that draws the eye to your products.

Paul diverson