The Best Ways to Utilize Cell Phone Projectors

 The Best Ways to Utilize Cell Phone Projectors

Cell phone projectors continue to utilize HDMI as their regular input connector. However, with a simple adaptor from Monoprice, you may connect to your projector with a simple cord once you’ve joined the connection.

To begin, ensure that you have the following goods and tools.

Wholesale Manufacturer creates cell phone projectors that are sold to consumers via shops.

 This stuff is when creating your first phone projector.

  • Duct tape Shoebox knife or cutter
  • Sharpie or Pen Paper Clips Magnifying Glass
  • ten to fifteen minutes of your time
  • CellPhone Projector

Once you’ve gathered your materials and equipment, you may begin by following the instructions below.

Make a Hole

Using a pen or pencil, trace the outside border of the magnifying glass or lens on the short side of the shoebox.

Cut out the Hole

After marking the hole in step 1 above and cutting out the hole, take all necessary care and safety procedures when doing this task.


Cut a tiny hole in the rear of the box for your phone’s power cable. So you can charge the phone without having to remove it from the pack while still using the projector.

Secure the Magnifying Glass

Secure the magnifying glass to the exterior or inside of the shoebox. Tape the magnifying glass to ensure that it is tightly secured and that there are no gaps through which light may escape.

Align the phone and the magnifying glass

  • Align your phone with the magnifying glass. It would help if you positioned the phone’s screen precisely in the center of the magnifying glass. Trace two lines around the shoebox using a sharpie or pen. This is where you will put the phone in the shoebox.
  • Insert the phone inside the shoebox
  • Place your phone on the back of the shoebox, precisely where you indicated it in step 4 above.

Stop Rotation

As you may know from physics class, light is flipped as it passes through a lens, which means the image from your phone is projected upside down. Flipping the phone has no effect since the picture returns to its previous orientation.

Begin Projecting

You may now begin to project photos from your phone. If the projector is displaying pictures that are upside down, turn your phone over, and it will display the graphics correctly.


A projector passes light rays from your phone via a magnifying lens at a predetermined distance. This results in a larger projected picture. This picture will be reversed; however, this may be corrected by putting a mirror between the phone and the lens.

The Benefits of Cell Phone Projectors

Cell phone projectors have many benefits in a home entertainment scenario, including projector matchup and Customizable Screen Size.

  • Massive images.
  • Eye Relaxation.
  • The size is small.
  • Value


It is critical to get as many cell phone projectors as possible. If you fall into the latter category, your fortune will be determined by your treasure-seeking success. There are many options. A wholesale manufacturer product is available. Take your time choosing a cell phone projector that is appropriate for the location you want to use it in since this is crucial to its longevity.

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