PPC for Lawyers: 3 Tips for Getting More Clients in 2021 with PPC

 PPC for Lawyers: 3 Tips for Getting More Clients in 2021 with PPC

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For law firms of all types and sizes, it is necessary to use all the tools available to them to stand out from the crowd. A smart way to get your law firm’s name out there is by investing in PPC for lawyers.

Investing in PPC is an effective way to boost your practice – if it is set up properly. While it is not rocket science, it does require a bit of know-how. Keep reading for some effective tips to use PPC for your law firm.

  1. Carefully Choose Keywords – Including Negative Keywords

Targeting the right keywords is an essential part of any successful PPC campaign. It is a good idea to use tools like Google Keyword Planner by finding the right keywords for your law firm that are also within your budget.

With Keyword Planner, you can find suggested starting bids for every keyword. This lets you find the right options for your campaign.

Along with keywords to focus on, it is also a good idea to look into negative keywords. These are the opposite of the target keywords you have chosen.

For example, if you practice in family law, you may want to add criminal law to your list of negative keywords. This is because most family law firms do not deal in criminal law (the opposite applies, too).

  1. Take Steps to Differentiate Yourself

If you have been working in the legal profession for a while, you probably understand how competitive this industry is. If you want to get more business, you must convince prospective clients you are good at what you do.

However, this is also what your competition is doing. To beat the competitors, your PPC campaign should focus on the things that make you better. This may be a great reputation, free consultation, superior customer service, or something else.

The next step is to create an actionable call-to-action that will encourage new clients as quickly as possible for your law firm ppc campaigns.

  1. Invest in Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads are a powerful addition to the Google Ads platform. You can enter several headlines and descriptions with responsive ads, which creates ads that change to show off more text or more relevant messaging to your customers.

Google will automatically test different combinations of headlines and descriptions to find the one that customers will be most receptive to. It is like A/B testing with no additional work that you have to do.

Use PPC for Lawyers to Boost Your Brand

When it comes to PPC for lawyers, there are several factors to consider. Keep the tips and information here in mind to see what this marketing strategy has to offer and how it can propel your law firm in 2021.

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