Office Furniture Choices As Per the Requirement

 Office Furniture Choices As Per the Requirement


However, it is difficult to imagine a large round tablethe guests will be too far apart, so that the maximum comfortable diameter is 1.5 m. A compromise solution is oval tables that combine the advantages of rectangular and round

Italian dining table

The material

Production is favored for natural materials. The tree remains the leader, the shade and texture depend on the breed. The rarer the wood used, the higher the price. Wooden countertops are durable, reliable, but require regular treatment with special tools. 

Stone and porcelain countertop

A sample of durability and cold beauty. The surface is most resistant to moisture, but such a product will only fit in a very spacious dining room for modern style tables, a glass worktop. Such a table looks airy, does not clutter the space, but requires more careful care. Recently, Italian manufacturers also use MDF and more particle board, the quality of these materials is checked particularly carefully, so you can be sure of the safety. Thanks to the veneer coating, these countertops are no worse than those made of solid wood. Get more info about the furniture purchase options.

Italian stone dining table

Number of supports

The classic and most stable version is on all fours, and it is implemented in the vast majority of models. If you want something unusual, pay attention to tables on a single support, only it must have sufficient contact surface with the ground so that the product is stable. The table on two legs should be large enough to be comfortable. If the work surface is not large enough, then sitting at the ends will be uncomfortable due to the lack of legroom. Manufacturers consider this nuanceit is difficult to find something uncomfortable and ill-conceived.

If there is not much space in the kitchen, pay attention to transformer tables, the surface of which can increase considerably if necessary.

Choice Of Dining Room Chairs

As a rule, the manufacturer’s collections are organized in such a way that it is not difficult to create a set of table and chairs. Several types of chairs can suit a table, they can be made of wood, MDF, chipboard or metalplastic options are quite rare, because they do not meet the philosophy of Italian furniture manufacturers.

Italian chairs

When choosing chairs for the table, take into account the similarity of color, shape and style. If the interior does not pretend to be classic, then you can be more free in terms of combination. For example, for a strict rectangular table with a white top in varnished MDF, you can take chairs on elegant chrome legs with light fabric upholstery. It is not necessary to achieve the color unitit is important that at the end the kit is harmonious, and it is easier to achieve when uniformity of shape is respected , that is to say at a round table, it is best to choose chairs with smooth curved lines. If you have not found a suitable option, you can still make custom furniture to make the dining room look imaginative.

It’s probably not worth talking about the fact that the chair should be as comfortable as possible and suitable for long gatherings around the common table. It goes without saying, and when it comes to real Italian furniture, it cannot be otherwise. However, a soft back will be much more comfortable than a hard drive.


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