Effective SEO tips to increase your ranking

 Effective SEO tips to increase your ranking

As we all know SEO is a very lengthy process there are so many things that we can cover in this field but is everything worth that much of our focus? Is there anything specific we should focus on? This is the most important question that comes to our mind very often than we think of effective SEO. So here I have sorted out three most important things that you should focus on to a SEO & Website Expert.

First of them is content, we have all heard content is the king. We should have a lot of content on a website to rank well on Google but there is a thing about contain which we all probably don’t know.¬† It’s good to have good content on your website but it’s not at all wise-full if it’s not focused on a particular niche. Google has introduced an update naming Hummingbird. The main work of the update is to crawl websites which have content around a particular topic or area and rank that website on Google. So content is king but only if you know how to put it there.
There is a minimum number of words and characters which is required by search engine in order for your article or content would be truly beneficial to your SEO campaign which is why by using the hlep of a character counter you will be able to identify and determine how many number of characters or words you need more to add to the entire content.

The second most important thing to focus on SEO is the optimisation of the title tag and meta description. You search anything on Google you see a link at the top and there is this sentence below the link. The link on the top is called the title tag and the text below is the meta description now how you optimize them? So there are some common terms that are searched on Google for example online resume these sort of words are called keywords. So what Google does is it checks for related keywords in your meta description and title tag to rank you on Google. Now here is a catch, you cannot just stuff all the keywords in the title and meta description and expect Google to rank you. For that you have to choose a particular set of keywords that you want your website to rank for and then insert those  into the sentence in a way that it is appealing to read.

Now the third important part of SEO is called Google search console. It’s a feature given by Google which teaches you how to rank number one on Google. Along with its cool feature, It’s 100% free if you don’t have an account on it go sign up right now. With your Google search console account, you are all set to go. In a few days if you follow these steps properly you will surely be able to rank on google.

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Tonny Don