Joey Horn Is A Leader And An Inspiration for Women In The Arts

Art has had an important place in society for nearly all of human history. The imagery that art has portrayed has varied over the years. Sometimes art has been nothing more than simple pictures meant to captivate the audience. Other times, art has been used to create powerful political statements. No matter the reason, great artists have used the power of emotion to create and further humanity.

But despite this, for much of the history of art, things have not been easy for artists. Until recent times, female artists have continually gotten the short end of the stick when it came to recognition of their art. It’s not a mistake to think that female artists have been limited and marginalized for too long. Even now, contemporary female artists struggle to get the mainstream recognition that they deserve.

This is a situation that needs to change. And for business leader and philanthropist Joey Horn, the time for change is now.

A Leader In Business And A Champion Of Philanthropy

Joey Horn is an avid leader in the world of business. She is also a lover of art. Over the years, Horn has cultivated a vast library of female-centric art. This is a hobby that has grown from her philanthropic tendencies. Despite being one of the few successful women in the finance sector, Horn has also found the time to support women in the arts.

Her artistic collection has continued to grown and contains contemporary pieces from all around the world. Horn is especially fond of female artists that are both innovative and artistically brave. Some of her more recent favorites include art from Shilpa Gupta, Lin Tianmiao and Laylah Ali. Horn has other favorites but each follows a common theme of committing to examining modern society through the lens of the female experience. It is a commitment that is not afraid of being controversial or questioning the status quo.

A large part of their success, however, is no doubt a result of the support of Joey Horn.

Success In Life Has Given Her Success In Business

Joey Horn is a professional. Her extensive career, however, began shortly after her graduation from Williams College in 1987. She joined Smith Barney, Harris Upham & Co. Inc., an investment banking company based out of New York. She worked here for only a short time, however. Soon enough, Horn decided to continue her education and earned an MBA from Yale in 1991.

This short experience, however, gave her the needed confidence to succeed wherever she worked. And since earning her MBA, Horn has worked in many places over the years. Mainly, however, she worked in various administrative capacities. At times, it also involved various directorships on corporate boards. But despite her constant changes in environments, Joey Horn continued to prove herself capable of completing whatever task was thrown at her. Some of her notable positions included acting as the director of financial planning at Saks Fifth Avenue, four years as a partner at HQ Norden Securities and even as the Vice President Investment Banking at Credit Suisse First Boston.

Currently, Joey Horn has found herself as the managing director at Oak Management in Oslo, Norway. Despite being a specialist in business administration and management, Horn has maintained a powerful interest in the non-profit sector.

Thanks to her wide experience and skillful successes in business, Horn has been able to continue to support many contemporary female artists throughout the years. She has helped many artists in their exploration of modern feminism. She has stood by many individuals in their devotion to empowering women.

Roxanne Reyes