How Liu Qiangdong Leverages Technology to Offer Excellent Customer Experience

 How Liu Qiangdong Leverages Technology to Offer Excellent Customer Experience provides a one-stop online platform for more than 387 million customers to get direct access to a wide variety of authentic products. It also helps international and local brands to venture into the fast-expanding e-commerce sector in China. The leading online retail company provides impeccable shopping experience, ensuring that consumers can get any products within broad categories, including fresh food, electronics, home appliances and furnishings, apparel, and FMCG at short delivery times. The JD worldwide makes it possible for consumers in other countries to shop from and have the products delivered to their doorstep.

The Creation of started as a storefront space selling magneto-optical products. As his business model grew, Liu Qiangdong decided to venture online, giving rise to Jingdong, which changed to 360Buy Jingdong and later The enterprise has since achieved tremendous growth, penetrated global markets, and acquired a loyal and satisfied customer base.

Currently, the company has the same or next-day delivery scope, capable of reaching more than 1 billion people. JD Logistics, which is part of, offers logistics and supply chain services to businesses in various industries.

The Company’s Prediction Engine

Chatbots have been helping JD deal with concerns and queries from its many customers daily since 2013. It then developed the smart customer service robot two years ago.’s prediction engine, the Smart Customer Services robot played a massive role in the 2020 618 grand promotion; it handled 90% of consumer service-related queries, responding in more than 390 million instances.

The software is powered by Artificial intelligence and does more than merely answering questions; it can learn the user’s intentions using real-time behavior like clicks and browsing. For instance, a customer’s next stop after ordering an appliance is likely to find out installation services or delivery time after viewing an order’s status. Therefore the customer service robot can predict the users’ intentions.

When users access the service window, the robot will predict and display their possible queries before they start typing based on the customer’s behavior and history. As the user types, the robot links the query with possible questions, predicts the reference order, and the next query according to consumption history and context.

Besides answering questions directly, the robot also assists the company’s customer care team to provide real-time predictions of inquiries. Since JD is a service and technology enterprise, it offers its industry partners such as Datong Municipal Government, China Unicom, and West China Second University Hospital. The technology directs the traditional call center upgrades and provides a joyful and convenient user experience.

The Brains behind the Company

Many people develop the entrepreneurial spirit and aspire to venture into the retail market, but only a handful succeed. Liu Qiangdong, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of, succeeded in growing one of the world’s largest companies despite the retail market uncertainties. Many business owners who manage to thrive beyond the honeymoon stage of a startup possess the adaptability, flexibility, and moxie to succeed in the ever-changing, unpredictable, and volatile global retail environment.

Liu Qiangdong always longed to succeed in school because he understood the value of an education. He attended The People’s University of China, and while studying Sociology, he developed an interest in coding and pursued the field through independent studies. His first job was at an herbal supplement firm, Japan Life; through hard work, he became the Computers and Service Director. The position helped him to different insights, competencies, and skills in e-commerce, business, and retail. continues to expand its services to other countries and regions and form healthy relationships and partnerships with more industry giants. All these accomplishments were possible partly because of Liu’s vision and flexibility.

Roxanne Reyes