Innovative Packaging

 Innovative Packaging


Innovative packaging means creating something new in terms of fulfilling a need or solving a problem. The best innovative packaging products are the ones that fulfil a need that people did not even realise they had. The business management Guru of the 20th century said that business has two functions – marketing and innovations. 

In case of innovative packaging; these two functions merge – as packaging is ultimately a marketing function. It is the final message your customer sees before buying your product at a retail store.  

Innovative packaging in demand

 A successful Innovative packaging ensures your product sells and your brand is built. Hence, it is not surprising that there is so much demand for innovative packaging. Creative packaging involves innovative designs and solutions to help products stand out from the rest. In the long run, the innovative packaging should also provide more sustainable and cost effective solutions through the life span of the product. The innovative packaging would also sustain itself from the assembly line, the warehouse to the store shelves and into the customer’s home.  

Innovative packaging is for you.

 In this competitive market, innovative packaging is essential to sell your product. One way is to engage a leading custom food packing firms which have all the facility in-house and professional designers with years of experience. There are different levels of innovation from being unconventional to being outright against the trend. 

It may be worth the while taking the risk sometimes, as the gains are very large indeed. 

Innovate at all costs?

The reasons for innovation in packaging is to position a brand, improve performance, reduce threat from competition, or showcase new technology. 

It is best to focus on keeping current loyal customers than enticing potential new customers in almost all businesses.

Tips for in-house innovation

.While proper innovative packaging involves expensive professional designer and expense with the vendor, here are a few tips you can try in-house. 

  • Create reusable packaging. The added benefit is a bonus and the customers appreciate the idea of recycle.
  • Add a little extra to the packaging that stands out like a gold ribbon.
  • Create a designer package that customers would like to display in their home.
  • Make fun packaging. 
  • Focus packaging to target customers. Is your packaging targeting the customer you have in mind? 
  • Take tips from nature.
  • Think out of the box. 




Roxanne Reyes