Perfect Addressing to the Asset Management Roles

 Perfect Addressing to the Asset Management Roles

Everyone knows that in the country it is better to live on the principle of “rely on yourself”: if, even in Soviet times, the concern for achieving our goals (housing, education, medicine) was partly on the shoulders of the state, then modern realities are such that it’s better not to use state aid to count. In addition, life has taught us to constantly remember inflation. In such conditions, it is quite natural that everyone begins to think about the need for savings and profitable investment. 

The Right Understanding

To understand this diversity and make the right choice, you need to know and take into account the differences in taxation, liquidity, profitability and risk ratios, legislative regulation and development prospects. All this falls within the competence of a financial consultant, since this profession requires you to be a universal specialist in a wide range of modern financial services: from the basics of financial and tax legislation to solving the financial problems of each particular family.

A personal asset manager like Frederic Michel-Verdier will give recommendations on choosing the appropriate investment tool (savings) to achieve a specific goal. The consultant, based on statistics on profitability, risk, liquidity of the main investment instruments (deposits, mutual funds, OFBU, etc.), will recommend the best solution. With the help of a financial adviser, you can avoid investing in a random mutual fund, select mutual funds with the optimal risk / return ratio, moreover, he will accompany you all your way!

The result and purpose of the consultant’s work is to increase the level of material well-being of the client.

Your personal financial advisor should be independent

When choosing a financial advisor, it should be borne in mind that you need to turn to independent personal financial advisors or consulting companies that provide this type of service. Representatives of banks, investment and insurance companies have only one advantage in that they work in the name of a respectable organization. They, like an independent financial consultant, will be able to choose an investment portfolio, focusing on your financial and marital status, risk appetite, etc. However, of course, he will recommend buying first of all the products of his bank or company, which is not always justified. Their consultations apply only to the services provided by their company. Such financial advisers, as a rule, are present in all financial institutions.

  • An independent consultant works independently, so he is not so much interested in selling a specific financial service as in meeting your needs. Orientation of an independent consultant to customer requests allows him to represent the interests of the client, successfully cooperating with several banks, insurance companies at once, choose the most suitable one from them, contact the best mutual and pension funds, taking into account the most important thing – your interests.

The profession of Independent Financial Advisor, or, if you want in the country, an independent financial expert, is among the ten highest paid professions in the world. It is understandable, because thanks to the work of financial experts, any person can reach a qualitatively new level of well-being, and indeed of all life.

Roxanne Reyes