Finer Balances for the best Lawn Equipment Options Now

 Finer Balances for the best Lawn Equipment Options Now

Taking care of the garden, fertilizing and watering it regularly is not enough to keep it always orderly and fit, especially if it is a lawn that is often walked on. To stay healthy and strong, the turf must be cut regularly we can do it with frequent interventions, in the summer even every 10 days.

You can manage the cutting of the grass in many ways, today there are also robotic lawnmowers that automate the work passing daily. If you cut often we can opt for the mulching technique, in which the lawn mower chops the mowing and leaves it on the spot, to enrich the soil. The top dressing lawn equipment options are there also.

Just a few precautions and the use of appropriate equipment to keep the lawn vigorous and free from weeds, here are some useful tips on how to make the lawn cuts, including the height to cut, the period and the frequency with which to do it and of course the ideal tools for this job.

The cutting height

A very important fact to take into consideration in lawn maintenance is the cutting height. Generally we try not to let the grass exceed the height of 10 cm. This measure is considered the best both for an aesthetic question and to prevent the development of weeds.

The ideal cutting height is generally 3-4 cm, but in shaded areas it is preferable to raise it by a few centimeters, given that the growth is more difficult. It should however be stressed that the height of the cut also depends on the type of grass, for example if in your garden you have chosen to sow Poa Pratensis grass then the ideal cutting height will be between 4 cm and 5 cm.

What tools to use

The tools to be used to cut the grass in the garden are different and among these you have to choose the one that best meets the characteristics of the garden and the spending budget you want to face, always keeping a satisfactory result as the ultimate goal.

Choosing the right tool for garden grass cutting is also essential to be able to work well, without making too much effort or wasting time. Fortunately, the wide range of tools on the market offers various options, among which to search for the one best suited to the work to be carried out.


Available commercially with an internal combustion or electric motor, made an overview of the lawnmowers by examining the possible characteristics. The mower is a practical tool that requires minimal maintenance, i.e. sharpening the blade once a year. In general, for a medium-sized lawn, the lawn mower indicated is the electric one, which has a low cost and low noise, even if the power cable is a hindrance, especially in the case of a large garden, with trees and shrubs around. There are more modern battery-powered electric lawn mowers, some also capable of high performance and therefore which can be used on large surfaces. The limit may be the battery charge, but if you have spare parts you can face demanding jobs. The classic lawn mower for fairly large gardens is the one with an internal combustion engine, which guarantees autonomy and power, even if it is noisy.

Clare Louise