Do You Need a Lawyer For a Minor Car Accident?

 Do You Need a Lawyer For a Minor Car Accident?

In a minor car accident, most people would call their insurance company and report the incident. If they have to, they could probably even go from person to person explaining what happened to insurance companies. However, if you were in a more severe car accident with something like head trauma or broken bones that weren’t your fault, then you may need legal representation. Hiring a Tucson auto accident attorney can make all the difference between receiving fair compensation and getting the insurance company to pay out what you deserve.

What happens in a minor car accident?

Minor accidents may also involve serious injuries (broken bones, severe cuts, etc.). They also make it extremely difficult for you to get back on the road and recover quickly. Minor accidents involving injuries happen because one driver fails to remain in their lane or is driving too fast for the conditions. This is why you need to contact an attorney if you are injured in a minor accident.

Do I need a lawyer?

Most people with minor car accidents do not need an attorney, but there are some situations where it may be appropriate to have one.

Here are some scenarios where hiring an attorney would be necessary.

  1. Your physical injury causes you to miss work.
  2. You have had blurry vision for more than 48 hours after the accident.
  3. You require repeated trips back and forth to the hospital after the accident.
  4. The other driver denies being at fault.
  5. The other driver is being evasive or not cooperating.
  6. Your injuries are more extensive than you thought they would be.
  7. You were involved in a hit-and-run accident or vandalism of your vehicle.
  8. You are dealing with an insurance company that is difficult to process your claim, deny coverage, or offer an unreasonable settlement amount for your accident injuries.

What will my lawyer do?

If you hire an attorney, they will look at all the evidence surrounding the collision, work with you to ensure that your medical bills are paid quickly without any hassle, and fight to ensure that you receive fair compensation. A good lawyer will be willing to sit down with you and talk about what you want out of the lawsuit. If there is no lawsuit, then most likely, no one will ever face penalties for the accident. For many people, this is just what is required to move on with their lives.

If you are injured in an accident, your decision to hire a lawyer is a wise financial decision and for your future.

Danny White