Different Benefits You Can Collect From Workers’ Compensation in Virginia 

 Different Benefits You Can Collect From Workers’ Compensation in Virginia 

There are hundreds of cases of work-related injury in Virginia. Injuries at the workplace can cause severe problems in the future and prevent you from getting back to work. From health complications to loss of job, there are various complications one may incur. 

Additionally, suffering from work-related injury can leave you clueless as to what you should do ahead. Before contacting a lawyer or filing for the claim, you can review the ultimate guide to workers’ compensation in Virginia to know about all the minor and vital details of the claim. The guide will also help you get through your injury, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve without any complications. 

Below are a few benefits of workers’ compensation you get if you suffer from injury or illness at work: 

Medical expenses: 

Medical bills are one of the prominent reasons that add stress to your bank account. According to Virginia’s workers’ compensation claim, you are eligible for various medical expenses, including: 

  • All the expenses for your medical testing and diagnosis for your injury. 
  • Visit the doctor. 
  • All the medications you need for your injury. 
  • Medical aids include braces, wheelchairs, walkers, and more. 
  • Any prosthetic device to repair your joints and limbs. 
  • Rehabilitation or therapy for your injury. 
  • Transportation costs from your home to your doctor and vice versa. 

Disability benefits: 

Disability due to work can be either temporary or permanent. You are eligible for getting the lost wages due to your disability. Both disabilities are covered under the act. 


  • Temporary disability – Temporary benefits can stop you from working until you are entirely recovered to get back to work. Depending on various factors, you will be eligible for the lost wages due to injury. You are eligible for temporary disability benefits if you are disabled for 21 days or more. There are two types of temporary disability that you can be eligible for -Temporary Total Disability (TTD) and Temporary Partial Disability (TPD). 
  • Permanent disability – Similar to temporary disability, permanent disability can prevent you from work, but for a lifetime. Due to permanent impairment, you will be eligible for two types of benefit -Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) and Permanent Total Disability (PTD). Your doctor plays a vital role in examining your injury and providing an official statement of your condition. Depending on the evidence, you will be eligible for all the lost wages due to your permanent injury. 


Death can be devastating for the family members. If your family member dies due to a work injury, you are eligible for compensation under Virginia’s workers’ compensation for the loss. These include funeral costs, transportation costs, and loss of wages coverage for the dependent. 

Clare Louise