Theworld’s changing at a crazy pace and so is how we do things.

Thanks to tech, we are closer than ever and with the invention of tools like email, Skype and Zoom. Distance isn’t much of a barrier when it comes to communication. Companies and individuals have cashed in on this, ushering in the modern age of remote working.

According to a recent survey, full-time remote workers account for 18% of the global workforce, and 55% of companies globally afford some remote work option.

Let’s not forget the freelancers. Upwork’s survey in 2019 estimates that there are more than 57 million freelancers in the United States alone. And with the popularity of the gig economy, freelancers may just be the majority of the US workforce by 2027.

Whats So Attractive About Remote Working? 

Well, there are huge benefits for companies and people alike. They include the fact that;

  • It’s cost-saving
  • It allows people the opportunity to work from wherever they are
  • Let’s workers spend more time with family
  • Increases productivity
  • Allows workers to enjoy a flexible schedule.

Enticing, isn’t it?

However, it’s not all roses.

Most freelancers and remote workers face challenges that reduce their productivity and affect their work. A common challenge is the feeling of isolation.

Working from home may cause feelings of loneliness, which can lead to increased feelings of anxiety, and depression_ of which can negatively affect motivation to do any work and reduces the quality of work done. According to Buffer, 20% of remote workers struggle with loneliness.

It’s a real challenge. But, it’s not insurmountable.

How to Deal With Remote Work Blues

There are various methods companies and individuals can enact to cope with and reduce incidences of remote work depression. They include:,

  1. Having regular virtual meetups or video chats with co-workers
  2. Dressing up like you’re commuting to work
  3. Having regular inspirational seminars
  4. Creating an ergonomic work space or corner in your home.

However, these methods only mimic social interactions, and no matter how close a virtual connection seems, it’s  still miles away from the real deal.  Video chats and emails are different from physically being around other people.

Does this mean we should all go back to our traditional offices?

No. There’s a way to get that office vibe and interact with people without all the stiffness and competitiveness of an actual office setting and without you or your employees going out of their way to commute to work.

That way is by utilizing coworking spaces.

Why Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spacesor shared spaces – are a mixture of a traditional office setting and the best perks of working from home.These spaces provide a flexible ambiance with office life features and the opportunity to interact and network with other workers who may or may not work in the same company.

Companies can rent these inspiring office spaces in different locations for their teams to

meet-up, collaborate, and come up with innovative ideas. Or, if you’re a freelancer, you could pay for a membership and proceed to drop in and out of coworking spaces near you.

A shared space affords you the chance of meeting up with various professionals from diverse backgrounds in a work-friendly and motivating environment.

Coworking companies, such as  Carr Workplaces, even provide additional benefits such as community and networking events, IT support, an in-house administrative team, and cleaning staff. Carr Workplaces DTLA also offers spectacular views too.

You could even hold your brainstorming meetings on one of their rooftop spaces.

If you’re concerned about sharing a space with other people, don’t be. Carr Workplaces also provides lockable private offices and splash guards to ensure your safety.

There’s something for everyone. Literally.

No matter the kind of business, Carr Workplaces offers fully furnished spaces for all kinds of business _ be it creative or traditional businesses.

Their prices are also attractively low. With as little as $25, you can access a piece of coworking heaven.

So, don’t hesitate. Start your coworking journey with Carr Workplaces today.

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