What is a Credit Card CVV Number and Where To Find It?

 What is a Credit Card CVV Number and Where To Find It?

As the trend of buy now, pay later catches up in India, credit cards have emerged as tools promising freedom from financial limits. With 3 credit cards for every 100 people, India presents an untapped market for the credit card industry that is expected to grow at about 25% for the next 5 years. 

If you are thinking of applying for a credit card, you need to be aware not only of its features but also of how to stay safe while using it. One such important number on your credit card that adds a layer of security to your transactions is the credit card CVV number.

What is the CVV Number?

CVV stands for Card verification value and is either of 3 or 4 digits depending on the type of credit card you own. Credit card CVV number is generated automatically by your credit card issuer. It is not to be confused with a PIN or personal identification number, which you can change later. CVV also does not refer to the credit card customer care number. As you may know, you are required to key in your credit card number, its expiry date, and the CVV to complete a transaction. While the former two can easily be accessed by online hackers, it is the credit card CVV number that prevents fraud and unauthorized transactions. It also assures merchants that you own the physical card and the transaction is legitimate.    

CVV numbers might be stored by online portals or offline retailers in their database, however, according to credit card compliance standards, they cannot save your CVV details. However, if you are not careful using your credit card online, cybercriminals can access your CVV number by phishing or using malware. Losing your card or having it stolen can also give your credit card CVV number away. You should immediately call the credit card customer care number in such a situation and follow the instructions to block your card at once.   

How to find the credit card CVV number?

Depending on the type of credit card you have, your CVV location will be different. You can easily locate the CVV number on the back of your credit card to the right, just above the signature strip if you hold a Visa or Mastercard card. It is present above the Amex logo in the front of the card for American Express cards.  CVV is also known as CSC or card security code or CVV2. The latter refers to CVV numbers that are more difficult to track since they are generated through an advanced process. 


It is important to protect your CVV online by visiting trusted websites, not sharing personal information with strangers, monitoring your credit card activity as well as installing anti-virus software on your computer. Now that you know all about the credit card CVV number, you can apply for a credit card to get the most savings on all your purchases.

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