Breaking the Rules and Regulations that Govern the Trucking Industry Can Lead to Accidents

 Breaking the Rules and Regulations that Govern the Trucking Industry Can Lead to Accidents

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Truck drivers take their share of the road every day, transporting goods from one coast to another. But, given the size and weight of commercial trucks, an accident that involves them can usually be catastrophic. A smaller vehicle that can collide with a commercial truck can easily crush. A semi accident attorney in Albuquerque can help victims get compensated for their losses by proving the truck driver or their employer failed to adhere to the laws and regulations that govern these vehicles.

Trucking Industry Regulations

Commercial trucks pose significant danger while on the road. Some regulations are established to minimize the risk of commercial truck collisions in Albuquerque. However, a lot of trucking companies don’t adhere to regulations, increasing the chances of accidents that can put the lives of drivers and other road users in danger. To avoid truck accidents, trucking companies must follow these rules:

  • Using a hands-free phone when driving a truck. Under the law, those who drive a commercial truck should use a phone that does not require their hands to operate it. Truck drivers can only use their phones for making a phone call if it is possible with just a touch of a button. 
  • The number of allowable service hours. Truck drivers who drive a truck to transport goods have up to 11 hours of driving limit after being off duty for ten consecutive hours. This will ensure drivers don’t feel fatigued and drowsy while behind the wheel. Trucking companies that require their drivers to operate a truck beyond the safe driving limits increase a driver’s risk of accidents.
  • Rules that enforce mandatory truck inspections. Commercial trucks should undergo a mandatory inspection every 12 months. Trucking companies must have a qualified inspector perform the inspection. A mandatory inspection list must be the basis on which components of a truck must be inspected. Only trucks that pass the component inspection are allowed to be on the road. 

Working with Trusted Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered injuries in a commercial truck accident in Albuquerque, you must start looking for a reliable truck accident lawyer who is knowledgeable of the federal rules and regulations that govern the trucking industry. Trucking companies that don’t follow the law could cause an accident. When investigating a truck accident case, an attorney will review evidence to determine if a trucking company broke any laws that may have caused the collision. 

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