5 Tips to Help You Get Ready For Your Next Bike Trip

 5 Tips to Help You Get Ready For Your Next Bike Trip

India is a country with diverse geographical regions spanning wherein one can experience the snow-clad mountains of the Himalayas to backwaters down south. With such vast geography, a road trip across the length of the country sounds exciting, right?

We know how eager you are to make that journey, but wait! Have you planned for it?

Let us look at five tips that will help you get your bike ready for your next trip –

#1 Plan way before in advance

Road trip on your beloved bike requires tremendous forethought. All the vitals of your motorcycle need to be inspected before your head out on your ride. In case your route has designated service stations, plan for a mid-journey service too. It will help you keep a check even during your journey so that you do not face any troubles. Look into the validity of you two wheeler insurance as it’ll help you in case of any unforeseen circumstances as well as legal liabilities. If you plan to visit a destination without broken roads, you might need to face the sand and rocks or even slush. Thus, have a look at your tires before you venture for this adventure. Also, make sure you take professional advice and ask questions for any tips to keep in mind.

#2 Prepare yourself and your bike

Not all roads are as comfortable as the city ones. Some twists and bends can be risky to ride and you along with your bike, need to keep up with the safety. Invest in proper safety gear like helmets, spare visors, knee guards, riding jackets and pants. Your bike also will be required to undergo certain changes such as adding additional luggage rack or protector frame, and so on. Combining these safety devices shall help to avoid any significant damage. Also, the scrapes and scratches can be protected from your bike by adding a Teflon coat before your adventure. The crash protectors installed will be the ones to bear the impact of the crash and keep you, as well as your bike safe from any fall or impact. Moreover, keeping your engine protected is equally essential, and a skid plate comes handy.

#3 Get your electricals in place

It can be your Bluetooth headset or an action camera to record your adventure, the batteries are going to die some time or the other. So what can you do? Get a charging dock installed on your bike. While you buy one, make sure it is compatible and supports the devices that you plan to charge. Also, in case of an emergency, your smartphone is the one that will come to the rescue. So make sure it has the juice from time to time.

#4 Keep a toolkit at hand

This should be one of the top things to add to your arsenal when you go out on a long journey. Buying a toolkit can help you avoid getting stranded for help. A basic toolkit includes a multipurpose allen wrench, screwdriver, pocket knife, pliers, and more. Also, a puncture or tyre repair kit can come handy.

#5 Get appropriate two-wheeler insurance cover

While some may regard it as a regulatory norm, it plays a crucial role. A comprehensive policy with suitable add-ons can save you from the financial hassles in case of a mishap. Make sure you compare two wheeler insurance and its add-ons before finalising on one. Knowing you have a financial backup can not only help stay at peace, but also can help you enjoy the much-awaited journey you’ve been planning for.

So remember the above points and make sure you plan your trip in advance so that your next two wheeler insurance renewal can include the necessary add-ons. Lastly, when you wish to cherish the fond memories after this thrilling bike journey, taking care of your bike beforehand is essential.

Clare Louise