With the modernity that emerged in our generation and changed our lives big time, it has been become effortful and challenging to attain success ever since then. That is why, there are multiple people who are taking advantage of others just to reach the top easily. Most especially, in transactions that are being operated by companies through mobile devices – this is where frauds and scammers are active. 

This is the reason why those representatives within the enterprises that are managing these operations should always be vigilant with whom they are negotiating with. However, no matter how alert they are, there are still some manipulative people who are continuously grabbing any open opportunities that may come their way. Particularly, to those businesses who are too easy to be victimized.

And now that there has been an enhanced community quarantine that was established by the government to die down the spread of the virus called COVID-19, several establishments have closed down and distributed their employees to work from home. Because of this, the number of some individuals who are still processing transactions even though there is a pandemic has become greater in quantity. The cases of frauds that are grabbing the beneficial of the hunting ground also increased.

In line with this, to halt this kind of situation from happening again, the higher ups have established an implementation for corporations – regarding how small or big it is – to always do a call monitoring and to also archive SMS despite of the fact that they are working from home. Through this public records archiving, it will be easy as pie to supervise any mobile conversations and track down those vultures that are deceiving people who are seriously working hard.

Ever since then, the numbers of these kind of cases had died down a bit, although there are still some suspects who are utilizing high-tech applied sciences just not to be caught.

For future references regarding on how to comply with the policy of record SMS message and record voice calls for records, just read the infographic below created and designed by TeleMessage:


Roxanne Reyes