Who is the Largest Data Center Provider? 

 Who is the Largest Data Center Provider? 

Being such a vital part of your company, your data center deserves all the attention you can give it. No matter how big and technologically advanced it is, this space needs to be well-maintained, properly organized, and full of high-quality equipment that helps your company run smoothly every single day. 

Still, not all data centers are the same, and the fact is that your business deserves only the best data center and the best provider. So, what are some of the largest providers of these centers?


Ever since it was founded in 1998, Equinix has been trying to be the best company in the business, and it seems to have finally reached its goal. Present in over 20 countries around the globe and handling over 200 data centers at the same time, Equinix is trying to combine the best of both worlds – being a dominant force in the data center industry, while also being accessible and responsive when it comes to dealing with clients. 

It is also constantly trying to push the limit and introduce new ideas and concepts, which is precisely what makes this company so amazing.


Probably the most famous of all data center providers, Verizon employs almost 140 thousand employees in nearly 150 countries all over the world! When you take into account the fact that it has close to 40 data centers spread around all those countries, it’s easy to understand why Verizon is so popular and loved. 

There are a few more things you need to take into consideration, though – Verizon offers special services that might make a major difference to your own data center. One of them is Secure Cloud Interconnect, a cloud-based service that protects your data on a whole new level, and the other is a marketing service that enables you to monitor your transactions more easily and efficiently than ever.

NTT Communications

This is another worldwide data center provider, but, unlike Equinix and Verizon, this one doesn’t come from the United States, but from Japan. NTT Communications is active in 17 countries and employs more than 300 thousand people, which is why it’s so big at the moment. 

One of the things this provider prioritizes is security, and their security service includes risk management as well, which is extremely important for your business. 

You need to appreciate the value of safety and security in your data center, and that’s why you might consider contacting professionals from datacentresafety.com who could help you boost your safety potential and make your data center more protected than ever.


This Denver-based provider might seem small when compared to the others on this list, but the fact is that Coresite could be more suitable for your data center than you can imagine. Present in a number of countries in the world, this provider constantly manages to attract new users because of its amazing services and support

With all those frequent upgrades, scheduled updates, professional maintenance, high-quality hardware, as well as a number of cloud-based services available to every user, Coresite is one of the most serious and important data center providers at the moment.


Even though it looks like just another US-based data center provider, Cyxtera actually manages to stand apart and provide amazing services at reasonable prices

Over a thousand of their employees are in charge of around 60 data centers worldwide, and some of its core services include interconnection – an ability to provide all sorts of connectivity options using the company’s global data center footprint – and colocation services – shared facilities you can operate on-site depending on your specific needs.

Digital Realty

This is one of the most popular and professional data center providers out there, and it’s been doing an excellent job handling data centers in over a dozen countries for over 15 years now. 

The reason why they’re so popular is quite easy to understand – they offer amazing services, both on-demand and scheduled, which means your data center will be protected no matter what happens

They’re also known for being quick and responsive in case of emergency, so your data will remain safe 24/7. In addition to that, Digital Realty invests a lot of time and energy into predicting future data center trends, which is why they might be just the provider you could be looking for in the years to come as well.

With so many data center providers available at the moment, picking the right one might be harder than you can imagine. That’s why you need to be careful when setting up your own data center, so be sure you’ve gathered all the details first.


Paul Petersen