What Will Your Car Shipping Company in San Francisco Allow You to Haul 

 What Will Your Car Shipping Company in San Francisco Allow You to Haul 

Car shipment services can help tremendously with relocating by expertly transporting vehicles that need to be moved. In that process, customers might have concerns about personal effects shipping inside the car or truck in an effort to save some money with the move.

The priority is to gain insight into the different car transport San Francisco guidelines about hauling personal belongings with the vehicle. Some don’t allow items inside the car; in fact, they require that the auto be empty upon arrival, including anything loose, custom, or with the potential for damage or theft.

Many shipping companies prefer that cars not be weighed down since this can increase fuel prices, not to mention making loading and unloading more cumbersome, and many drivers choose not to be responsible for personal effects while in transit due to the possibility of theft or vandalism.

The auto transport company won’t cover these items under their insurance coverage. Let’s look at what things some companies will allow in vehicles to be hauled with shipping and what won’t be considered.

Can You Ship Personal Effects Inside a Vehicle Being Shipped

Some auto transport companies will allow owners to transport up to as much as 100 lbs. worth of personal items with their car shipment, and others won’t allow items to be hauled in the cars or trucks at all.

The priority is to ensure the utmost safety of the auto and its belongings. Find out how to ship a vehicle at https://living.geico.com/driving/auto/auto-care/how-to-ship-a-car/.

In many situations, the driver wants to avoid the responsibility of a car loaded with items not covered by car transport insurance. These can be lost or stolen during transport with no refund or replacement available, and drivers would prefer to avoid that stress.

Let’s look at some items most suitable for shipping and often considered by companies as permitted to include with transport. These will vary depending on policies from one business to the next.

What’s Permitted When Packing a Vehicle for Transporting to a New Location

Some transport companies will allow customers to pack their vehicles with a specific number of personal belongings, while others want the auto to be empty. It depends on the carrier, making it necessary to confirm the details before committing to a specific shipping service.

Some items that are usually permitted when a shipping company allows stuff in the car include the following:

  1. Linens and clothing items: Usually, these items are permitted, with many customers taking the opportunity to consume auto space with these items, a much easier method of moving these belongings than any other.
  2. Foods (non-perishables): Non-perishable or canned food items are usually permitted since these are sealed with no possibility of leaking or damaging and little threat of theft or loss.
  3. Magazine/books/games or toys: An efficient use of space when packing for a move is to use the vehicle for packing reading materials like magazines and books or games and toys. The auto transport company usually allows these items in the car since they pose little threat.
  4. Personal care items: To avoid leaking, personal care products must be securely packaged and packed. However, when moving, cosmetics, toiletries, or beauty items are usually allowed within the vehicle.
  5. Items with value: While it’s suggested you can include cell phones, tablets, and laptops along with other things that have value, it’s wise to consider the fact that these belongings won’t be insured in transit. If these are lost or stolen, they won’t be replaced, or the value refunded. It’s wise to consider packing items like these with standard moving boxes.

All transport companies will have their own regulations and restrictions, so you must ask the questions beforehand to verify whether you can pack the car or need to bring it empty. Click to learn if a vehicle needs to be empty when shipping.

Suppose you are permitted to pack the vehicle. In that case, it’s vital to secure the items to avoid the possibility of shifting in transit, which has the potential to create damage within the auto.

What’s Prohibited When Packing a Vehicle for Transporting to a New Location

While a shipping company might allow specific items up to a certain weight to be included in a car or truck for transport, other belongings are explicitly prohibited from being packed in a vehicle. Some of these include the following:

  1. Hazardous materials or illegal substances: Flammable, corrosive, or explosive materials can create a significant safety risk for the driver and are prohibited from being transported in a vehicle being transported. Illegal substances, including illicit drugs, can lead to legal consequences for the driver and will not be permitted and should not be hidden in the auto.
  2. Valuables: Highly valuable Items, whether sentimental or of a high monetary value, need to be personally carried to the new location with you as the customer watching over the items carefully and securely. Having them in a transported car leaves them at high risk for loss or theft.

Final Thought

Always pay attention to the guidelines stipulated by the auto transport company you choose to work with, research pertinent regulations, and understand their insurance plans for a smooth, safe shipping experience for your auto and personal effects.


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