What are the Tax Sector Subdivisions? How a professional tax consultancy can save you?

 What are the Tax Sector Subdivisions? How a professional tax consultancy can save you?

Larger companies usually divide the tax area into some sectors. The most common is the sector of tax planning, and monitoring of legislation, and other sectors of calculation segregated by type of tax or by federal entity.

Direct taxes – are levied on the income and assets of individuals and legal entities such as the Corporate Income Tax, and the Social Contribution on Net Income.

Indirect taxes – are levied on the production, sale, circulation and consumption of goods and services such as the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services, the Tax on Industrialized Products, the Contribution to Social Integration Programs and Formation of the Civil Servant’s Assets, and the Contribution to the Financing of Social Security.

Importance of the Tax Area in the company

The difficulty of opening a company is already well known, and many people at least have heard that many companies close without even completing one year of operation, and others declare bankruptcy before five years of activity. This is due to two main points – lack of planning, and high running costs. And, exactly this is where the accounting service Thailand comes into play. To minimize these problems, the tax area can provide some solutions. The tax area can go beyond its basic functions such as calculating, and collecting taxes, and supporting inspections becoming a tool that helps business administrators in decision-making.

The tax area manages to obtain good opportunities for a business, analyzing the possibilities of change, and composing a plan with the objective of reducing the costs resulting from the payment of taxes. It is clear that the tax area can do all difference in financial health, and business continuity. The influence of the tax area on decisions can reach both the commercial area, and the structure of the business. In a commercial operation, tax impacts can make a difference when deciding between interstate or international operations or when negotiating prices.

Professional tax consulting service

The tax professional has become increasingly in demand in the job market. This happens due to the increasing importance of the tax area in a company. A good taxpayer is not one who only knows how to correctly analyze and calculate taxes and deliver all ancillary obligations. He needs to go beyond that, he must be aware of all changes in the legislation, have a broad business vision, seek opportunities, and generate benefits for the company.

Roxanne Reyes