WFH Made Easy With These Handy Tools

 WFH Made Easy With These Handy Tools

Work from home has become increasingly popular these days. The reason is flexible working hours and efficient work culture. Moreover, with a wider reach of the internet today, companies can now manage their employees remotely. However, some challenges persist in the realm of a home office, but several tools are available in the market today, such as PDF Editor, that can bridge the convenience gap between home and office. Here is an article looking at some of those tools which can make your WFH a piece of cake.

PDF converter

The document transaction in the modern world has shifted to digital media because of distance and the locational difference between employees. 

Therefore, it is crucial that the entire office works on a universal file format such as PDF. PDF file format provides universal accessibility across all sorts of operating systems. 

Additionally, offices are now moving towards PDF as their de facto file transfer format. Hence, if you prepare a document on a different application such as MS Word, you will have to convert it from Word to PDF before sending it out. 

A PDF to Word converter will come in handy for quick conversion and transfers and save valuable time for your organization.

Google Workspace

Google workspace is an online solution for all physical office problems. It encapsulates a bunch of handy tools, which are a blessing for people working remotely. Tools for video conferencing and group chats will allow the team leaders to coordinate with their staff efficiently. 

Similarly, google calendar and notes can synchronize with your boss to ensure coordinated efforts. Other tools like Google Sheets, Google Docs, etc., provide a collaborative feature where more than one person can contribute to a project simultaneously. 

Lastly, if you subscribe to the premium version, you will get access to a customized email address, which is a must for a professional employee. Also, the email service you get with workspace will be ad-free to provide for an ad-free workspace. 

Zoom video conferencing app

Zoom application saw a sudden spike in downloads due to the pandemic situation. The app was initially intended to keep friends and friends in touch. 

However, when more and more organizations started using this app as their default for video conferencing, a business version was launched with no limit on participants or meeting time. 

In the unpaid version, you can still add as many people as you want, but the talking time is limited to forty minutes. Although, in a conversation between just two people, the conversational time can be unlimited.


Trello is a highly efficient project management tool, which is being used globally by small and large businesses alike. Trello provides a collaborative calendar for scheduling meetings or group chats and keeping track of the projects. 

Additionally, it also offers a monitoring feature where you can track your project’s development at different stages. The app is customizable, and you can make it unique to your organization for maximum output with a simple interface. 

Danny White