Watch Selling for the Best Money Count

 Watch Selling for the Best Money Count

Do you own a beautiful watch but it no longer makes your eyes shine? Have you just inherited your grandfather’s tocante or do you want to “get rid” of a gift that you do not appreciate? So don’t worry, because you will be able to sell it and sometimes even, depending on the brand, get a nice sum!

Here is some important information on how to sell your watch, whether in stores or on the internet, because we must not forget that second-hand watches are rather popular, so logically if there are buyers, there are also sellers! Are you thinking “but Where to sell my watch?” Here are some words about the same.

How to sell your watch?

Selling a luxury watch is quite common, but how do you go about it? How to get the best price and also how to do it safely? These questions, all those who wish to sell a timepiece, but who do not know much about the second-hand watch market, ask themselves them.

In this file, you will see that there are several solutions to separate you from your timepiece, either through a professional, or by using platforms that will put you in direct contact with individuals. You can of course sell in physical stores, but also on the Internet via sites specializing in watchmaking or general second-hand sites. There are advises for the same that you can opt for.

Sell ​​your watch on general ad sites

As to sell a car or a household appliance, the most common is often to go through a general ad site like Ebay. There are many advantages to going on this type of platform:

  • Easy to use
  • Very well known to the general public and with a large audience
  • Free or inexpensive

However, selling your watch on a general advertising site is especially effective when you are offering a product that is inexpensive and “mainstream”. You can therefore easily resell a second-hand Tissot, Swatch, Ice Watch or other new models for less than 800 euros. Above, this is not necessarily the right place.

Be careful also, because when trying to sell on these sites, beware of scams that can come from buyers especially in terms of payment. It is better to opt for payments in cash or by credit card. It is the same when the sale takes place at a distance where the risk is even greater of not being paid.

Go through specialized ad sites or forums with classifieds

Rarer and above all unknown compared to the large generalist players, there are however a few sites specializing in second-hand watch ads. You can also turn to forums specializing in watchmaking which sometimes offer to post classified ads.

The advantages are numerous, even if the audience is much lower:

  • Specialized in watchmaking
  • Audience of connoisseurs who know the prices and market for watchmaking
  • Sometimes free
  • Easier to sell luxury or lesser-known watches
  • Less risk of scams

Regarding the forums, there are also enthusiasts opposite, but you often have to participate a little before being able to submit an offer for your watch.

The physical or online second-hand watch store

It was the most common solution before the arrival of the Internet, but with the development of new technologies, this channel has had to modernize and also go on the Internet. You will find many physical stores in the big cities, as well as some important players on the web, which also has its own stores.

Roxanne Reyes