Trading Multiple Time Frames: The Key to Success in Forex Trading

 Trading Multiple Time Frames: The Key to Success in Forex Trading


As the name suggests, it takes the same pair and its price patterns at various frames of time. It is the meta-analysis of Forex trading. The key trick in Forex trading is to know how to read multiple time frames in trading.

Just like you need affiliate marketing tips for running affiliate campaigns for My Easyfi or Affiliate marketing Monks; you also need trading knowledge to run Forex trading.

Time Frame:

For the sake of this discussion, let us explain what we mean by time frames. A time frame is the amount of time that we choose. So we can want to look at the prices of a currency pair over fifteen minutes. That is the one-time frame.

We can also see the same data over fifteen days that is another time frame. If we review the same data over fifteen years, that will make up another time frame. Multiple time frames mean that you are analyzing the prices of your currency exchange over a small period as well as very long periods of time.

Changing Perspective:

Forex charts, when analyzed at different time frames, will look completely different You and your friend will be looking at the same chart but he will be looking at a year-long time frame, and you are looking at a 24-hour time frame.

 You will see different spikes and different patterns from when your friend looks at the data. And yet, you are both looking at the same chart. That is why multiple frame analysis is essential when you are buying and selling your stock. It’s the difference between reading weather patterns and discussing climate change.

Time Frame of Choice:

The time frame changes with your experience. We wish there were an algorithm that could explain the time frame in a logical way, but there isn’t. Instead, we have a couple of advises for you to consider;

Read up!

When you are working with charts, reading a chart is of great significance. You need to be able to fully understand the data in front of you and make educated decisions if you are going to work with Forex trading. That is why, before you even think about the right time frame, ask yourself; am I reading my charts in the best way possible?!


Do not rush your data. Keep reading and analyzing until your internal clock clicks. Time frames are a matter of instinct that cannot be taught on paper. The best reading can be on twenty minutes and twenty days, both or either. No one can tell you how to time frame your analysis.


Again the frame is truly each to his own. You should put your data in various time frames until you find one that feels right. But you alone can decide which time frame serves you best.

We are here to help you out further if you have any specific problems. Try these tips and you will rock Forex trading game for life!

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