Top Performing 4 Real Estate Company on the TSX For 2019

 Top Performing 4 Real Estate Company on the TSX For 2019

Looking for some quick recommendation on the best real estate company in Canada? This post will completely answer your entire question related to the best companies listed on Toronto stock exchange. The Tokyo stock exchange is one of the best places to trade in the world. And, picking the right stock can turn your fortune in minutes. To help you choose the right one, here are five top real estate companies to choose that are listed on TSX.

  • Mainstreet Equity

Mainstreet Equity is another valuable company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Mainstreet Equity continues to foster under the leadership of Founder and CEO Bob Dhillon. The company deals in selling apartments and real-estate property for the Canadian market. And, as per the information available on the website the company is able to achieve double digit growth which is a clear signal of company’s strong planning, strategy, and strong hold on the market.

  1. H& R Real Estate Investment Trust

H& R Real Estate Investment Trust is a company that is engaged in developing and acquisition of real estate properties. The company with its solid foundation and strong leadership offers steady ad stable growth opportunities for investment through strategic investment in properties and other share holding units.

  1. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust

RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust shares an equal place in Canadian real estate market. The company is a real estate investment trust company that leverages opportunities in commercial offices, real estate operation and development. With a massive portfolio of over 258 real estate properties, the company is a great center for unlimited wealth potential.

      4. SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust

Smartcentres real estate investment trust is another big name on the TSX. The trust is a prominent name known to occupy and leverage the high value properties. It owns, manage, and operate income properties in shopping centers, offices, leasing properties and other commercial properties. All in all, the company has a stellar reputation which makes it quite valuable among all the real estate companies.


While all these companies sum up to have a key contribution in real-estate market. It is imperative for investors and stock buyers to do their own due-diligence before taking any decision. Since, real-estate is a constantly fluctuating market; there should be a perfect planning and in-depth research before making any purchase.


Clare Louise