Thought Leadership: Every Copywriter’s Must-Have Trait

 Thought Leadership: Every Copywriter’s Must-Have Trait


“With great power comes great responsibility.”

You may be familiar with this popular proverb, thanks to Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, although it was Voltaire who coined it first. However, if you switch two words in the sentence, the statement also proves true:

“With great responsibility comes great power.”

Many of today’s Singapore copywriters may showcase glitzy headlines and catchy offers in their offers. Still, there’s only one standout trait that sets them apart from those who end up converting readers into customers:¬†thought leadership.

Thought leadership is often regarded to be a thing of the past, especially nowadays, when anybody can achieve business authority by only going viral and by attracting a wide range of audiences. At the same time, even seasoned copywriters look at this trait as a result of rigorous training and experience, so it takes time before they become “thought leaders.”

However, thought leadership doesn’t always have to be achieved through the traditional route. There are newbie Singapore copywriters who are being regarded as thought leaders, and this can be attributed to how they promote their business using their sales copy.

The question is, why should you become one?

You may want to think about the following perks that can change your life as a copywriter:

  1. When you talk about things that matter, you attract people that matter.

The key objective of copywriting is to attract people and convince them to invest in your business. You cannot achieve that by simply introducing your product or service; you have to lay down the reasons why your offer matters.

At the same time, you cannot be outright in selling your business. You have to deliver your message by discussing topics and sharing information that your audience finds useful. It is only then that they see you as a credible brand that’s worth not just their money, but more importantly, their trust.

Moreover, when you talk about things that matter, you find people who truly matter to your business. These are people who are willing to take a risk on you, buy from you, and even turn into your brand ambassadors. The reason behind this is because they were satisfied with your product and the knowledge you share.

  1. When you practice thought leadership, you create a steady, permission-based continuous attention.

Another benefit of practicing thought leadership is that your audiences will keep tabs on your latest updates. They don’t stop at becoming customers; they will continue to follow you and your exploits.

It is because when you continue to provide high-value information that they find useful, they know that you are someone that they can rely on. The continuity further strengthens the trust that they have already established. It also makes them believe that you’re not there to sell stuff but to help them face and resolve the issues they face.

  1. With thought leadership, you not only provide relevant solutions; you also motivate people to become better versions of themselves.

Lastly, the true beauty of thought leadership lies in how you influence your readers to become better versions of themselves. This is regardless of the product or service you are selling; the more valuable ideas you feed them, the more they use these lessons in their everyday lives.

As a copywriter, thought leadership gives you the upper hand in paving the direction you want your prospective customers to follow. This is your way of conditioning them until such time that they are ready to subscribe to your business. When that day comes, they don’t just buy from you because they want to; they buy from you because they trust you. They believe that through your guidance, they get to change for the better.


Paul Petersen