Selecting a suitable pallet racking system for your warehouse can be overwhelming. It is a process that requires effort. The reason being, choosing the wrong pallet racking system can have adverse effects on the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse. In severe instances, it may lead to expensive re-fits, damage to your goods or even workplace accidents.

Fitting your warehouse with an effective racking system is imperative. As such, we are going to share with you factors to consider before installing a pallet racking system in your warehouse.

  • Purpose

Experts from racks Malaysia advise that all entrepreneurs in search of a racking system know what it is exactly they need the rack for. They should be able to clearly specify the kind of goods they are going to store on it.

By doing so, warehouse solution providers will advise on the best racking system for you.

Additional functionalities such as adjustability and functionalities can be discussed at the initial consultation.

  • Budget

After clearly defining the purpose of the pallet rack, consider your financial capabilities. Come up with a budget range and present it to your warehouse solutions provider.

However, there are a few things to bear in mind before settling on a budget.

For starters, understand that the lowest price is not always the best. The more expensive they are the better value they offer. But again, it depends on the merchandise to be stored on it. If you are going to store very light merchandise that can be supported by a standard rack, there is no point in going for the most expensive pallet rack with myriads of functionalities you do not need.

  • Layout of the warehouse

Another important factor that affects the kind of pallet racking to install is the layout of your warehouse. The size, height, shape, as well as the positioning of the windows and doors, will determine what rack to buy.

If the layout of your warehouse is a bit complex, seek an expert’s opinion on the type of racking. By doing this, you improve the functionality and productivity of your warehouse.

  • Safety

Safety is another factor that cannot be downplayed when choosing the right pallet racking system.

It is paramount that every employer looks after the interests of their employees. So, when thinking of the perfect racking system put safety first and purchase a high-quality racking system. Also, ensure it is expertly installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Knowing that your warehouse’s pallet racking system is secured gives you peace of mind. To further enhance this, makes sure you perform routine maintenance checks and not only rely on annual inspections. This way, you can easily catch minor issues that would otherwise be disastrous if left unattended.

Paul diverson