Marketing Advice In Times of the Coronavirus

 Marketing Advice In Times of the Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic grows more companies are looking for innovative ways to market. There are no easy answers to marketing during this time, but it is clearly easier to entice consumers with a change in direction.

New Marketing Measures

When a business begins the lag during these times it is best to do an about-face and change directions. Businesses have to take a different approach to get the attention of consumers. Much of this starts with the ability to tap into where consumers are spending their time.

Disarm The Fears

Consumers want to know that they are safe when it comes to patronizing a business. They want to be able to feel confident that they are not coming in contact with the Coronavirus by patronizing certain businesses. This is why companies must take the opportunity to disarm the fears that their customer base may have. There has to be a way to engage the customers and let them know that they are in a safe space when they are patronizing the business. That is very important for most customers that are in need of any business services or products.

Social Media

It is important to tap into social media as well. Many company leaders are concerned about having a voice, but business leaders need to take the time to listen. Everything is not about promoting the product. Sometimes the genius of marketing can be sparked by paying attention to what people are saying on social media. It is all about filling a void. The companies that are able to pinpoint the needs of consumers by listening to what they are saying will have a better chance of sustaining a customer base during the times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Digital Push

Business owners that may have been hesitant to embrace digital marketing Coronavirus tactics must be willing to change gears. They have to go where the customers are. A business that may have operated in the store the entire time with very little digital content will have to consider how digital content can become a game-changer.

The Internet has made it relatively easy to reach people even when they have shelter in place directives in their states. Digital marketing Coronavirus methods will help those that are trying to get web banners to appeal to those that are not able to leave home.


Online ordering at-home delivery services are essential for a lot of food service industries. Businesses that sell non-essential items may still be able to acquire customers, but they have to appeal to customers in different ways.

Businesses that are in the entertainment sector will appeal to consumers by offering a distraction from the constant bombardment of Coronavirus news. There are different ways for all businesses to thrive in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, but the marketing professionals must be tactful and creative.

Addressing Coronavirus

It is essential for marketing agencies to address the coronavirus head-on. The companies that use to keep their same marketing strategies in place without any true changes are avoiding the problem. These companies will struggle to keep the attention of many consumers because they are not addressing the elephant in the room.

It is better to face the problem and help consumers remain safe while they patronize businesses. It is also important to thank consumers for their business during this time. Offering flexible payment plans and alternatives to how products are received can be the factor that determines whether a business fails or survives. A creative spirit will see the need to adapt to the needs of their customer base.


Clare Louise