Smart Options for the best Hiring

 Smart Options for the best Hiring

Currently, in an increasingly competitive world in which it is necessary to continue innovating and working to achieve greater productivity while saving costs and improving production per person, early retirement becomes an important asset for some people, who prefer to early retire some employees earlier to fire part of its staff with the consequences for both parties. From the professionals you can have the best hiring solution.

The early retirement process

It must be personal and individual, not the same for everyone and collective, since each person is different and requires special treatment. Therefore, the early retirement process must be as correct and pleasant as possible, without pressure on workers to give up. It is necessary to show the person that you recognize everything they have done for the company and recognize their work. Some companies offer pension plans as part of the social benefits of their workers , so that at the time of retirement (not in early retirement) they can supplement the pension they have with a private quota for which they have contributed. 

The Choice for the Right Companies

There are companies that decide to pre-retire their workers after a certain age, agreeing with them a monthly salary that will depend on the age of the employees, some of which sign agreements with Social Security so that workers do not feel their pension cut when they reach retirement age. Although there are other companies that prefer to retire their workers by firing them, so that they exhaust their years of unemployment and live with the compensation they offer until they reach the legal age of early retirement. 

  • Others wait until the early retirement age of their workers arrives. Some take advantage of the last years of the workers to transmit their knowledge to others, and some even hire them from external consultants. In any case, it is important that the company communicate to its workers your intentions at all times so that they are aware of what your situation will be. 
  • Do not be afraid that employees want to underperform when communicating a possible early retirement, but you must speak with all sincerity trying to find the best for each part and make the employee see how much it means for the company. There are employees who are looking forward to that moment and others who do not assimilate it well, and therefore we must find the best way to show that the new situation does not have to be bad, and it may even be interesting to offer them the support of a professional. 

Restructure the company in times of low production, or in any other time to improve productivity, it is something very common in business, and therefore it can be interesting to designate a policy and allocate resources to prepare workers for retirement and for early retirement. In any case, you have to meditate and study before making any decision that may affect the results of the company.

Paul Petersen