Office 365 vs. Office 19

 Office 365 vs. Office 19

In this era each version of Office is tune up, even though, costs describe a single variance among MS-Office 365 and Office 2019, Microsoft’s become a very rapidly growing dev and also relief pace is eventually more essential for the consumers as well as the experts of IT who are supporting them. Microsoft offers security upgrades for the Office apps on a monthly basis, typically on 2nd Tuesday of every month, and it provides resolutions to non-security errors for the initial 5 years of development. 

On the other side, Office 2019 wouldn’t get updated with the newest functionalities and features. If a person is willing to running the newest version then you would require giving further upfront payment to run it. Office 365 encompasses the entire dissimilar service model. On the other side, the apps of Office are authorized to the consumers via Office 365 get the similar security covers (as well as non-security bugs) circulated towards Office 2019 and they obtain newest functionalities and features on a schedule of after every six months.

Office 365

It’s a subscription service of Microsoft which offers the topmost upgraded up-to-date tools of productivity along with the most recent vital aspects to turn your lifestyle more flexible. It is offering web-based accessibility towards the customary applications (PowerPoint Outlook, Excel, Word, and Outlook), along with several different webs that are based service and applications. A great number of plans are available of Microsoft 365 for both of the usages either private or home and it also has some plans for any medium or small organizations, enterprises, institutes, or any non-profit organization.


  • The entire set of plans encompasses around 1TB storage in the cloud (approx. three lac pictures or else ten lac docs)
  • Every consumer has access to make installation on max 5 Macs or computers, along with 5 smartphones and tablets too.
  • Consumers have access to share their own subscription to any 6 members of their family and also depends on which type of subscription plan they used.
  • It has quite a flexible consumer management along with such features which would assist  a person to add, eliminate, and manage the accounts of Office 365
  • Security notifications of daily basis, enhancements, and provide approachability towards the modern features
  • Continuing technology-related support as well as security resolutions
  • There is not any requirement to give the full amount though you have a choice to pick a monthly or else annually paying procedure, in that case, you would be saved to pay for the whole year
  • There is also a free of cost monthly balance to enable you on calling to phone line by making use of Skype


  • Newest alterations would become vast
  • You might be charged for irrelevant features

Who Should Buy Office 365?

Providing a fancy amount of tools that are based on cloud, functionalities, and characteristics, it also provides the advanced mode of functioning, increase the output in the entire place of work. It is perfect for such companies which are interested in Microsoft Office 365 certification and to turn out their own business at the highest level and also wants to enjoy the most recent features as well as security upgrades and continuing technical support.

Office 2019

It is following the Office 2016, Office 2019 is the separate form of a suite of the office applications. There is only a requirement of one time purchasing with the honest fee for a single Mac or PC and then you would be the owner of copy forever.


  • Pay only one time and then use all over of your life.
  • In later, it would be quite less expensive to get the license instead of the subscription


  • You can get only a single device on one license
  • It is only working on macOS and Windows 10
  • You would own this version and there would not be any upgrading options instead you would require to repurchase it by paying full amount while there is a new version is coming
  • Ordinary support restricted to five years only
  • There is some previous knowledge required to make the installation
  • Security upgrades are quite minimum

Who Should Buy Office 2019?

The ones who should use the Office 2019 are commercial consumers as they are not willing to get into the cloud as well as their only interest is in the essential applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. If a person is planning to make installation of the suite on a single device and also go for further customary experience then a great option.

Differences – MS Office-365 and MS Office-2019

Following are the key dissimilarities among both of the products so that you would have a better knowledge to pick one of them according to your preferences.

The Payment Model

At first, you have to purchase Office 2019 then you are required to make subscription on Office 365. On the other side, you would pay at once versus. You give payment on every month or subscription every year.

The Range Of Products and Services 

As soon as you get Office 2019 then you would achieve the standard applications of Office such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Once you subscribed for Office 365 then you would please the great features of Artificial Intelligence and cloud which can be utilized on every device.

The Update Frequency and Functionality 

There are not any newest features in Office 2019 instead it gets security upgrades only. By owing Office 365, you would get worthy updates every month; in that case, your whole version would be updated every time.

Over to You

There is not any confusion that Microsoft wishes that you should opt Microsoft 365. But in the end, you are the one who knows your preferences which are according to your needs before you buy. So in that case, decide first the ways in which you are going to make use of such tools and also check the budget too. If you are such a person who is moving with time to time, we suggest you shift your employees towards an up-to-dated place of work on the Microsoft 365. You would also achieve great results in business if consumers only have an approach towards modern effective tools.

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