How does SEO work?

 How does SEO work?

Everyone wants to find the perfect SEO Solution to bring their website to the top rankings. In terms article, we will help you by explaining how SEO works. The easiest and most simplest way to explain SEO is that when you use keywords relevant to your product or service throughout your website, search engines will rank your website based on the relevant keywords and the back links that give the search engine trust within your product or service. There are two key elements to SEO;

1) On site – This is the relevant keywords to what your website is about. If you are selling a product or providing a service, the keywords you use will help highlight your business at the top of search engines when clients search these terms.

2) Off site – This is the back links to your website that originate from other websites. It could be social media, articles, blog posts etc. The search engine that trusts the back links to your website will ensure that your website is at the top of the pile of the search engine results.

When we talk about keywords, if you are selling ‘blue sandals’ then you would use key terms relevant to ‘blue sandals’. These key terms will be within the text, content, links and page titles of your website. When a potential client is using Google to find ‘blue sandals’ your website could be one of the first links for a potential client to click on if you correctly implement SEO within your website which includes the back links from other websites like social media platforms which are trusted by the search engine that the potential client uses.

Finally, using SEO within your website could be the difference between 500 sales compared to 5 sales. When using SEO compared to traditional techniques like word of mouth, the audience you can reach is astronomical. The audience online is within the millions, if not more and these are all potential clients dependant on your product or service but with SEO you can also target specific areas and regions which gives you an incredible opportunity to branch out your business with ease.

In conclusion, if you want to grow your business in a way that’s efficient, proven and cost effective then SEO is perfect for you. If you choose to pay for advertisements you are not guaranteed a positive outcome from this, although you may make a couple of sales, optimising SEO is a sure fire way to gain results when done correctly.

Paul Petersen