Metal Frame Constructions: Right Deals for You

 Metal Frame Constructions: Right Deals for You

Metal frame houses account for around 10% of the individual housing market. The latter is installed on a concrete slab which covers the low floors on insulating slabs. Then, we fix wood fiber concrete panels on the outside of the structure to create the walls. The interior accommodates the insulation and the technical ducts, the whole being covered by plasterboard. At other builders, the walls are made like steel cages assembled together and which accommodate insulation, membranes, vapor barriers and other wiring.

Variety of architectures

With long span beams, the metal frame offers great architectural flexibility. From the entry-level compact villa to the large bespoke house with a daring look, anything is possible. Likewise, these houses adapt to all regional styles, both in terms of their volume and the facade cladding. Metal frame houses can be clad with plaster, wood cladding, or even composite materials. Once completed, their exterior appearance is the same as that of brick or cinder block constructions. Simply click here for all the information.

Plans and fittings: anything is possible

Side plans, the possibilities are very numerous. You can create two-story houses with mezzanine and empty space on the living room, or even large open living rooms, which will be fitted out with a dining area, an American-style kitchen, a TV area. And when the family grows, we can easily expand the house. it will suffice to add one or two parts. Moreover, this construction method is used for renovation or expansion operations of old houses.

What are the advantages of steel?

Steel is the material of choice for a construction that is both economical and respectful of the environment. Steel is a key material for a sustainable building. Professionals know this since 50% of industrial buildings are made of steel. The advantages are numerous, here are the main ones:

  • Lifespan of steel roofs over 50 years
  • Production in 6 to 8 weeks
  • Construction period less than 2 months
  • 30% faster construction
  • 0% construction waste
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% energy efficiency
  • Millions of construction possibilities

How does choosing steel for temporary or long-term construction appear to be an obvious choice for many manufacturers?

We would say that beyond an obvious choice, steel is a logical choice. For economic reasons, reasons of flexibility and ease of extension. Metal constructions allow great creativity and great luminosity. Durability remains a strong argument, steel being a naturally fire resistant and strong material. Finally, metal constructions require little maintenance.


To successfully carry out the projects, a team of specialists is called upon in the fields of design, engineering, administration, heating and electricity. This gives flexibility and efficiency, as well as access to real expertise.Customers benefit from the experience of an international industrial group and the skills of a local expert who together meet all their building requirements.


Roxanne Reyes