How Women Entrepreneurs are Redefining The World of Business

 How Women Entrepreneurs are Redefining The World of Business

“No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens”- Michelle Obama

The world has been discussing gender roles and stereotypes with great enthusiasm. There has been a growing trend of women’s participation in economy and business entities, which is remarkable. Interestingly, India is also witnessing a paradigm shift with women performing as propitiously as men, but they are mostly leading as entrepreneurs. Women in India now, in a large number of cases, have strong educational backgrounds, ventured into almost all the domains monopolized by men, and continue to reduce stereotypes to zilch.

These women entrepreneurs are creating legacies of their own by taking up jobs in areas with little or no female forerunner. Every woman entrepreneur has had challenges, and the journey was not comfortable. They fought with determination and grit because they didn’t let stereotypes act as obstacles to their mission. Women entrepreneurs inspire, influence and inform people to break the glass ceilings of discrimination and bias. They cut the mold, drive money in business and serve as role models for empowerment and success. 

From being an acclaimed name in the healthcare industry to taking the tech world at a new level, many women entrepreneurs are giving examples to aspiring entrepreneurs globally.

The startup community is undergoing rapid changes globally. Indian economy is also not aloof from this creative disruption. There was a time in Indian business when Lijjat papad and Amul cooperatives were only a few women-driven initiatives. But today, India’s tech-savvy women entrepreneurs have revolutionized multitasking and traversed their boundaries – from coding and solo traveling to engaging in adventure sports, artificial intelligence, space sciences and being vocal about their professional journeys. 

The large number of female-led startups and brands like Biba and certainly put a stamp on the very thought. Various women entrepreneurs serve some of India’s largest business corporations, including retails, education, media, technology and social work. India has a vibrant entrepreneurial landscape with a vast potential to grow. And, women know how to tap it. 

The Bottom Line

Entrepreneurship is more of a personal choice. It is growing well, with hundreds of startups being built. The growth of women entrepreneurship in the male-dominated world of business is undoubtedly massive. It is also responsible for the exponential growth of the economy. The current growth of women entrepreneurial initiatives with women-led startups is definitely a big step in creating a feminist world. 

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Roxanne Reyes