How To File Article Of Organization For Your Company?

 How To File Article Of Organization For Your Company?

Articles of organization are documents that help you in setting up an LLC in New York State successfully. NY provides an official form, so forming LLC in New York is indispensable. Articles of the organization consist of your LLC’s name and address all the business owners’ names. Some of the ways to file your articles of organization can be considered be below.

  1. Select your LLC’s name

Before filing your articles of organization, you must choose your LLC’s name first. It must conclude with the designation Limited Liability Company, LLC, or LLC.

  1. Hire an RA. 

When filing articles of organization for your company, hire a registered agent. Your agent will handle all the legal aspects and paperwork on your company’s behalf. Besides, he/she will also device convenient ways for your customers to help them reach you easily and quickly.

  1. Contact your business filing agency or secretary of state.

Either contact your secretary of state or business filing agency by visiting their websites, calling them, or meeting them physically. You will get some information from them like how to file, the required information, and the final steps.

  1. Let’s get started

Now it’s time for you to file your articles of organization. You can either opt for an e-filing portal or fill out a simple PDF form. Complete the task by paying the fees of your articles of organization.


So, are you also finding it tricky to file your articles of organization? Then, follow each of the four ways above. It will let you file your reports of the organization successfully.

Roxanne Reyes