How to Choose the Perfect International Taxation Company in Cyprus

 How to Choose the Perfect International Taxation Company in Cyprus

When you’re searching for international taxation companies in Cyprus. Where do you start? A quick Google search will certainly bring up several results, and each business will be different. So how do you decide which of the international taxation companies will be best suited to the unique, individual needs of you and your business?

Choose a firm that specialises in international tax

When you want the very best, be it goods or services, you go to a specialist. Similar to visiting a specialist wine merchant or chocolatier, compared to purchasing your chocolates and wine from a supermarket, you’ll be given a more knowledgeable and expert service when you opt for products and services from a business that specialises in that area. So it makes sense to pick an international taxation company that deals only in tax law without diversifying into several other areas of law.

Enquire about the qualifications and experience of the team members

It can be useful to check out the credentials of the people who work for each company you’re considering. Are they highly educated? Do they have a long standing experience as tax advisors?

Get in touch and get a feel for the level of service

First impressions really are important, and you can gain a lot of insight without having to sign up for a company’s services. Do they promptly answer the phone or reply to your email in a timely manner? Did they fully answer your queries, or do you feel they skim read your questions and gave you a stock answer? If you spoke to them, did they seem engaged with you and did they come across as friendly and approachable?

Have a chat and find out how they will tailor their service to your needs

Perhaps the best way to determine what an international taxation company can do for you, is to ask! See how they explain their services, do they convey what they can do for you in a way that’s easy to understand, with obvious benefits for your particular business? Do they listen and offer suggestions that are relevant and tailored specifically to your needs, rather than being generic? Don’t be scared to have a short initial chat with several international taxation companies. This is a big decision, this could be a partnership that lasts for decades, and with the right decision, your chosen tax company could save you a huge amount of money so do choose wisely.

Get in touch with Taxatelier

We believe that we are the best international taxation company in Cyprus, but we’d like you to discover this for yourself. So please do get in touch and allow us to talk you through the services we can offer to your business. You’ll find further information on our website along with all our contact details. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you with all your international taxation requirements.

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