How to Boost Your Sales With Snapchat

 How to Boost Your Sales With Snapchat

People love taking photos and videos of everything they do. Whether it was a delicious meal, a fancy hotel room, or merely having fun with your friends and family, everything is more beautiful if it’s captured by a shot or two of your camera. 

Now that we have tons of social media platforms where we can share our photos, videos, and other content, there is currently a small sense of contentment when you get to post content online. You want to share your experiences with your friends or even strangers online. Sooner or later, you will come to realize that you are now sharing a part of your life on the internet. 

There are plenty of social media apps where you can post your photos and videos. There’s Facebook, the most widely-used social media platform, Twitter, Instagram, and more. However, Snapchat is still considered to be one of the unique social media messaging apps. You can do almost everything in its app, and it’s entertaining. Also keep in mind that Snapchat has a very strict character count limit. So, if you are planning to write some decent content to go with your post, it’s highly suggested to use a character counter to help you quickly determine the accurate number of characters already present in your content. If it is too long, cut it down and adjust to keep the main thought of your original post, if it is too short, add more information.

Now let’s dig deeper with Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is widely popular to people of all ages now, despite its initial popularity among the younger generation. Snapchat is a social media app where you can post videos and photos and send messages to your friends and family, just like everything else out there. But it has a few quirks that make it unique.

Facebook has Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram have DMs. But Snapchat is unique because the content users post in it is only visible for 24 hours. If you post something there, it won’t be there forever. The app also has cool features such as photo filters and creative geotags. 

Moreover, users can also send private messages to other users, and you can control whether you want the message to be deleted directly or save them. In short, Snapchat is controllable, and users get to customize and use their accounts; however, they want. 

When you take a photo or video on Snapchat, the content is called “snap.” Once a snap is posted, the content will only be up for 24 hours. After that, the app will delete the content. You can also make a series of how your day went and add it to the “Snapchat Stories” icon on the app. Snapchat can be downloaded on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Snapchat as a marketing tool

Business is what runs the global economy. And now that we live in a modern and technological society, there are tons of new innovative ways on how to sell your brand and market them out in public. One of the new ways of marketing a brand is through social media.

Facebook has Facebook Marketplace, where people can post their stuff for sale online. However, it is not the only social media platform that can help a business market it’s brand. Little do people know, they don’t know that Snapchat can also be a proper marketing channel aside from being labeled as a teen’s app.

Now that Snapchat is gaining more and more traffic and attracting thousands of users every day, the app is an excellent place to market a business or brand. Regardless of what audience does your brand focus on, Snapchat is an app for everybody. 

Previews and Teasers on Snapchat

Many businesses use Snapchat to market their brands, and they use the app’s 24-hour visibility limit to their advantage. For instance, firms and companies can post a snap of their offered product or service and post it on their stories. A lot of potential customers can come across these stories and might consider the products interesting. 

Not only that, but businesses can also make teasers and previews of their products and services. So, even though Snapchat Stories only last a limited time, you can make an exciting and appealing teaser that users can remember. 

Snapchat Contests

You can turn your Snapchat account or make a new one by making it a business account. You can add promotional campaigns by making contests for participants to join in. For example, you can post an announcement that anyone who posts a snap of themselves with your product can have a freebie or a prize after. 

You can also post a promo code for users to use to avail of a discount when they purchase your product or service. This will serve as a reward for them for watching your Snapchat stories and supporting your brand. 

Live Events

Just like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat sponsors live events that users can use for their audience. Businesses can use this feature in promoting development, a new product, or just merely using it as an announcement channel regarding news about your brand. 


Although other social media platforms can be a better channel for your business, Snapchat can also be the best channel for you. The app is fun with its customization options, and you can brand your business; however, you like, which is a considerable advantage compared to other social media apps. 

Clare Louise