Sydney Gold Buyers is a small family run business that is determined to give precious metal sellers and Sydney diamond sellers precise and reasonable prices for their finest jewelry. For years, they’ve been purchasing and selling rose gold, gold bullion, diamond, diamond engagement rings, and silvery jewelry. They assure to give:-

  • Quote on the spot.
  • Provide you with immediate cash and not cheques, which makes the process hassle-free.
  • Purchasing diamond and precious metals.
  • Give the highest and accurate returns on precious metals and diamonds.
  • Offer the customers a safe city office and free parking.
  • No pre-booking is needed.

Sell your diamond engagement ring and diamond jewelry

If you want to purchase or Sell diamond ring Sydney and want the process to be quick, smooth, convenient, and worthy, then you should visit Gold Buyers Sydney. Their full time hired gemmologist is available at the in-city Sydney office, to provide an accurate and honest evaluation of their customer’s colorful fancy diamonds, or simple diamonds. The professional staff is always available to answer any queries. If you’re looking for an instant hand in cash in return for your diamond engagement ring, sell it to Gold Buyers Sydney. They offer the highest market prices for diamonds and accept any carat diamonds with weight color grading. By purchasing and selling here, you won’t have to go to an unsecured pawnshop, you can avoid trading posts and strangers and above all, you will not have to waste money with eBay.

There can be uncertain times when diamond owners might have to give up their jewelry, to meet the dire needs. The customers might get worried about getting decent prices for their dull, outdated diamonds. Luckily for them, at Gold Buyers Sydney, they purchase any old, chipped, musty, or broken diamond jewelry like pendants, engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, loose diamond stones, or diamonds formed in any precious metals. They provide instant, fair cash, and appraisal by their expert gemmologists. Any prevailing diamond jewelry’s evaluations and certificates must be carried by the customers. Remember to note down the slight differences on the loose diamonds and similar jewelry, because it will determine the amount received when selling to Gold Buyers Sydney.

What else do they sell and purchase?

Along with diamonds, the shop also accepts silver and gold jewelry, bullions, coins, bangles, and nuggets. Gold Buyers Sydney purchase all sorts of precious metals and designer branded hand watches as well. The professionals assess the authenticity and give a fair market price on any of your jewelry, irrespective of the metal. The customers are ensured full privacy, a secure office to stay away from prying eyes, unrestricted parking, and stress-free professional services.

Sell diamonds to Gold Buyer Sydney now!

Your unused diamonds, silver, or gold have no job sitting in your drawer if you don’t wear them. If experiences are more worthy to you than things, if you have always wanted to go on that most desired trip, or if you ought to cover your expenses during dreadful times and are thinking to Sell diamond ring Sydney, then Gold Buyers it is. Invest the cash you receive into a higher-yielding investment and get on with life.



Roxanne Reyes