How Bitcoin Blender Enhances Privacy in the Cryptocurrency World

 How Bitcoin Blender Enhances Privacy in the Cryptocurrency World

Using Bitcoin does not protect your anonymity. This is because Bitcoin runs on a public ledger, so every transaction you make can be seen and tracked by anyone, anywhere. From the moment you buy a coin to the moment you cash it out, it can be tracked. If you want to buy cryptocurrency more easily and anonymously, consider using a trading bot like Chain Reaction. This highly effective trading bot uses AI-based robots to execute transactions with precision – learn more about the Chain Reaction platform. If there is something in the process that can be associated with your identity – for example, if you buy or sell using a bank account, cash in person, or even a receipt from a store with CCTV – an agency with the right tools could, in theory, find you without too much difficulty. Typical examples of people who could track your online activities and reveal your identity are law enforcement, someone with a grudge, or a hacker who realizes you are moving large sums of money.

However, by ‘blending’ bitcoins, you essentially break the link between your identity and your transactions. Bitcoin Blender prevents blockchain analysis by replacing your coins with someone else’s. In other words, when you deposit coins into one ‘pot’, another ‘pot’ breaks the chain by sending you clean coins.

Why mix coins?

Bitcoin Blender implements several features that we believe make it one of the best and most effective bitcoin rounding services available:

Low and random fees (1-3%).

When depositing coins into a Bitcoin Blender account, we charge a low and random fee of 1-3%. We keep our fees low to keep the coin mix affordable, and we randomize our fees to make the analysis of our service less predictable. In other words, if our fees were the standard 2%, blockchain analysis would be less important. Interested parties would only need to look for suspicious deposits and withdrawals with a 2% change tag. Our random fees take this tool out of the hands of those trying to link your transactions to you.

Bonus program (0.5).

When you deposit 10 BTC or more within 7 days, you will receive a 0.5% bonus on your new deposit and your commission will be reduced by 0.5%. This bonus effectively reduces your commission by 0.5% and is structured as a bonus instead of a rakeback to maintain the integrity of the 1-3% random commission.

Referral program (0.5%). 5%)

The referral program is designed to show appreciation to users who have found Bitcoin Blender to be a smooth, fast, and most importantly, effective blender. Once the total deposit from a user and their referred user reaches 10 BTC within seven days, the referred user will receive 0.5% of the total deposit. This is a token of appreciation for helping to improve Bitcoin Blender by bringing more transactions into the pool.

Two-factor authentication with PGP

Two-factor authentication is enabled by setting a PGP key in your profile. This means that every time you log in, you have to decrypt a message containing a random one-time password. This ensures that only people with access to your private key and password can access your account and funds.

Up to five simultaneous deposit addresses.

Anonymity is further strengthened by following the best practice of coin mixing (see section 4 below) and sharing chunks of funds between different wallets and addresses. Bitcoin Blender allows you to send unmixed coins to five different addresses at the same time. They can then be removed and new ones received. Automatic withdrawals

You can also set your wallet address for automatic withdrawals so you don’t have to log in again to withdraw coins. Withdrawals are made with scheduled and random delays to increase anonymity. Set it and forget it. Measures are taken to make sure you only need to pass your credentials as much as you really need to.

Fast transactions.

Bitcoin Mixer makes your coins instantly withdrawable as soon as your deposit is approved. As explained below, your withdrawals are made from a completely separate ‘pool’ of coins, so your withdrawn coins can never be traced back to your deposited coins.

No records are stored.

All server logs and database entries are only kept for 10 days. This is for resolving support tickets. If a deposit address is deleted by a user, the information is kept for 10 days so that coins sent to the old address by mistake can be processed. Withdrawal history is also stored for 10 days. Support messages are also stored for only 10 days. If you want your username to be completely deleted from the system, you can also delete your account. Other methods

There are various ways to ‘mix’ coins, but most of them do not offer the same protection against blockchain analysis as Bitcoin blender (and other similar hidden services).

Perhaps the most common method, other than using a hidden service mixer like Bitcoin blender, is Coin Join, which is available on services like Shared Coin. This method adds your transaction to many other transactions, making it difficult to tell which one went where. This method helps maintain a degree of anonymity, but for those experienced in blockchain analysis, it’s still a level of ‘taint’. A ‘taint’ is the trail left by a transaction, and while the technology used in services like Shared Coin can certainly blur that trail, it can’t completely eliminate it.

Paul diverson