Hiring Exceptional Employees

 Hiring Exceptional Employees

Hiring the right employees saves time and money, protects the brand and prevents lawsuits. Therefore, companies should implement detailed hiring plans for before, during and after job interviews, such as consulting a background check company.


Those in charge of hiring new employees should understand the job duties and the skills and abilities necessary to succeed in the vacant position. The supervisor should also develop a job description that entices skilled applicants.

In addition, companies should consider expanding their job marketing strategies. For example, companies may use social media platforms in addition to traditional newspapers and job services advertising.


Interviews enable hiring managers to find employees who are capable, honorable, dedicated, experienced and fit into the corporate culture. However, hiring managers should include others, including direct supervisors, future peers and other executives, in interviews because these individuals will have to work with or trust the new hire and may be able to identify desirable personal characteristics and skills a human resources manager may miss.

Interviews should be unexpected. For example, interviews may be conducted outside the office, in comfortable environments and include meals and company tours, encouraging interviewees to reveal their true selves. Interviewers should carefully observe how their prospective employees treat and communicate with others. Candidates’ state of dress, focus and interactions with others will provide insight into their character, discipline, and what part of the job they care about most.

Applicants should be prepared for general interview questions. Therefore, those conducting the interview should consider asking deep, uncommon questions, such as what they admire about their previous supervisor, siblings or friends, to observe their thinking processes.


At the end of the interview, managers may consider giving candidates a short assignment, such as a 500-word essay on how they will improve the effectiveness of the position they seek or their short- and long-term goals, without offering a deadline. This assignment will provide insight into the prospective employee’s work ethic and commitment to the company and position.

In addition, hiring managers should discuss the applicant and interviews with the other interviewers to gain their insights and opinions. They should decide as a group whether to proceed to the next stage in the process.

Finally, managers should have in-depth, but legal, discussions with references, including previous employers and peers. They may also consider conducting background checks, including criminal, identity and verification checks, on prospective employees.

If you are looking for great employees, you should develop a strong pre-interview, interview, and post-interview processes. Don’t settle for the first candidate. Find the best.

Roxanne Reyes