Find Your Options with the Best Tricycle Now

 Find Your Options with the Best Tricycle Now

Have you just received your electric tricycle, or are you just wondering how easy it is to drive a tricycle? Indeed, when we are used to cycling we can think that a tricycle is less maneuverable. Is it true ? No, the stability of a tricycle at low speed is much higher than a standard bicycle, because it has 3 wheels and therefore 3 supports.

How to take control of your tricycle quickly and easily? Discover our tips for pleasantly riding your adult electric tricycle.

A good position

Your position is very important, this can impact the difficulty in using your electric tricycle correctly. The most suitable posture is to position yourself correctly on the saddle, with your back straight, so as to have your center of gravity as centered as possible between your three wheels. Generally, during the first use the tricycle will tend to move slightly to the right or to the left, this is normal, this is the sign of an incorrect position. It is imperative to keep the position as perpendicular as possible to the road which will give you more stability and will prevent your tricycle from moving to the sides.

Trust your tricycle

Most of the time, during the first few uses, you will need a few tries before you can handle your tricycle to perfection. The first turns with your tricycle are often disturbing because instinctively we are tempted to lean towards the inside of the turn. On an electric tricycle, you have to learn to trust its stability, remember, unlike a bicycle, it has 3 wheels. When approaching a turn, you must keep your good posture and your center of gravity centered between the three wheels, and simply turns your handlebars in the desired direction as with a bicycle or a car, when changing direction it is imperative to reduce your speed. You will understand, by adopting a correct posture and having confidence in the stability of your electric tricycle, 

Tricycles with differential for more stability

To gain stability, there is an ingenious system: the differential. Currently, few tricycles have this system. This mechanism allows the rear wheels to turn at different speeds when passing a curve. The wheel located outside the turn turns faster than the one located inside which provides great stability to the electric tricycle when cornering. The Touring Elite tricycle of the Cycles brand is equipped with a differential, there is also the Comfort Plus the brand.

Our advice for the first use

When you receive your electric adult trike, we advise you to carry out tests, on a parking lot, on a path, in a flat place where there are no vehicles or pedestrians, in order to be safe and peaceful. It is preferable the first times, to make circles, to follow a straight line, so as to fully take control of your electric tricycle and learn to operate it. By doing several tests, you will gain confidence and therefore be more comfortable with the idea of ​​riding your tricycle.

  • If you have no location near you, think of folding tricycles , they are as solid as fixed tricycles and they can be easily stored in your vehicle to move it over short or long distances.

If you have significant difficulties in terms of your stability, consider purchasing an adult electric tricycle equipped with a differential.

Clare Louise