Choose the Smartest Details in Business Growth with the Roadmap

 Choose the Smartest Details in Business Growth with the Roadmap

These are very important because they will be used for all visual communication procedures. For example, we have chosen to give the color orange. The latter’s data therefore appear in hexadecimal code (HEX), CMYK and RGB. Thanks to these different elements, color can be respected during all creations, whether on the internet or in print. The same goes for typography. The fonts used by the company must be listed in the graphic charter. The ideal for future achievements is to indicate the name and all possible styles (regular, light, bold, etc.). If you know about the roadmap definition then you need the best deal now.

To Give The End Point To This Graphic Charter, We Advise You To Give Information On The Company

These can represent a contact (number, location, website, email, fax, etc.), a quote from the business manager, a short presentation of the company and / or its services and many more. The most important thing here is to give a final punctuation to the graphic charter and to take the opportunity to recall elements about your business.

Realisaprint And Its Graphic Charter

A few months ago, we decided to restructure our visual identity. After creating a new logo, we decided to create a graphic charter to affirm our visual identity. Our graphic designer, Lisa, therefore produced our Holy Grail. It is time for us to present it to you.

The purpose of this graphic charter is to present the different graphic elements that make up our brand.

The Logotype And The Brandmark

It is composed of a modern and refined font, as well as two distinctive elements: the first letter “R” and the reverse punctuation of the letter “i”. Together, these two elements will be used as “Brandmark”. The brandmark represents the brand. It can be used alone, as a reminder of the logo.

The Variations

Preferably, the logo applies on a white background. Provided that the readability of the logo is not impaired, other funds may be used.


For the sake of consistency, the logo, the brandmark and all the elements of the graphic charter are subject to rules which must be observed on all communication media.

Creating a graphic charter allows you to keep consistency in your communication . It defines the rules to be respected such as the place of the logo, the colors to be favored according to your field of activity or even how to use the fonts. Are you about to define your visual universe and the graphic codes that will be used on all your communication media? The 1st platform for the production of creative online content, gives you the 5 essential steps to create your visual identity.

Create A Graphic Charter In 5 Steps

According to our expertise, it is important to take into account the natural perception and the message conveyed through the colors to choose the palette that best corresponds to your field of activity, but also to the values ​​that you want to transmit. Most brands choose a maximum of 4 colors that approximate those of their logo.

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