Best Websites For Students

 Best Websites For Students

Student life is the most enjoyable period of life. With the up-gradation of academic standards, responsibilities of life increase. But student life is filled with exciting learning experiences, tests, assignments, and achievements.

With the emerging technologies of digital media, students have benefited quite a lot. There are a plethora of websites and tools, such as PDF to Word converter, Plagiarism checking sites, motivational sites, etc., that are available for students and must be checked out.


One of the most popular websites among students and general internet users is Wikipedia. A free website enriched with all kinds of facts, stories, myths, and knowledge is at the top for students to know about. The website literally has all the information about everything in this world.

The website gets updated frequently to provide the best possible information to the users. If you already don’t know about the website, check it out now and get your assignments done.


Assignments are a constant in student life. Every now and then, one has a hectic assignment to research about, write, and submit. While writing these academic pieces, it is common to make a few spelling and grammatical errors. This website is a perfect fit for rectifying such mistakes from your assignments.

Grammarly offers both a free and premium version of services. In the free version, the critical grammatical errors are rectified, and the premium version lets you correct advanced mistakes.

PDF Convertor

The best way to submit an assignment to the teacher or your university is in PDF form. The reason for using a PDF format for submissions is that a PDF file is compact and cannot be altered. This omits the chances of unintentional mistakes in your assignments by the teacher or others.

There are several onlinePDF converters on the internet that can be used to convert a word or image into a PDF or PDF to Word. This is an essential tool to have in the bookmarks tab.

Wolfram Alpha

This website is specially made for calculative subjects such as mathematics, physics, accounts, chemistry, etc. The super-friendly user interface of the app lets you conduct all types of calculations easily and get your assignments done. You can also use this website for normal calculations.

As a wonderful calculating website, this will save you plenty of money that is spent on buying different calculators. Not only calculations, but Wolfram Alpha also enables you to find interesting facts and data related to your subjects that can be used effectively in the assignments and study purposes.

TED Talks

TED Talks is a platform where the world’s greatest achievements have been shared and talked about in simple terms so that the users and viewers get to know about them. It is a wonderful platform and essential for students to keep an eye on it. The TED Talks can have an impact on the way you think and develop ideas.

The platform features a wide community of global achievers who have done something great in life. Listening to their achievement and struggles can sure make a difference in the next project idea you are about to think.

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