All Small Businesses In Hong Kong Should Put Efforts Into Executing SEO and Lead Generation Campaigns

 All Small Businesses In Hong Kong Should Put Efforts Into Executing SEO and Lead Generation Campaigns

In marketing to the Hong Kong audience, search engine optimization and lead generation are both important aspects to master. Veteran SEO agency company knows exactly how much value a successfully executed search engine optimization can bring to a local business. The ability to possess is to be able to have an in-depth topic coverage with SEO. All the small business clients you meet in Hong Kong would more or less mention the importance of SEO which can have a high added value to their marketing plan. But they would often face the problem of not having a solid framework to take the SEO project forward in order to make it work for them. Over the years, some have started to doubt SEO out there is going to die due to many algorithmic changes of Google. But the SEO field globally and in Hong Kong has in fact gone into evolution to encounter all the changes.

Usually when starting with search engine optimization, keyword research is one of the first areas to tackle. Keyword research is evolving as semantic search and Google’s Knowledge Graph evolves. This very technology enables Google the ability to understand people’s searches, regardless of how they have phrased them in the search box. One thing hasn’t changed is that when doing keyword research, you find out the keywords that provide the high search volume and low competition. It will be followed by developing a landing page that targets exactly that very keyword for a better ranking organically on Google, Yahoo, and/or other search engines. Let’s don’t forget about the use of local keywords (such as keywords that include Hong Kong, or HK in them, or even some local districts like Admiralty, Wan Chai, etc).

Once you have successfully brought visitors on to your site through SEO, social media, forum postings or any other methods, it is time to keep the visitors. It may mean to get the visitors to complete certain actions on your site. The purpose of this is to enable the chance for the same visitors to come back for a second time, a third time, or more.

Successful lead generation would include the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be captured through list building. For example, if your site provides a newsletter subscription service (for the local Hong Kong audience and/or possibly potential customers in the future), you may get your website visitors to subscribe. That’s one way to capture leads. A proper lead generation campaign may have to involve many steps.

  • Create and add a web form to on to your landing page.
  • Set up to track the performance of visitors who have come through all important traffic sources.
  • Make sure you have optimized each step in the lead generation workflow.
  • Set up a basic call-to-action on your landing page.
  • Create an offer, whether it is an ebooks for Download or a coupon for a specific product.
  • Test, and repeat the tests.
  • Add live chat customer service on the landing page and nurture the leads.

Roxanne Reyes